Tie Shirt & Canvas Shoes

Last summer I made some corn hole bags for Adam out of duck cloth. I didn’t use all of the fabric and like everything else I saved the scraps. This pretty orange fabric has been on my mind lately and I have been wondering what I could make with it. I also had some grey and white chevron fabric left over from the bags and I used it to make coasters and a cute frame. I debated on making more coasters. One of them has disappeared thanks to my active 14 month old who loves to play with everything BUT his toys. However, orange just doesn’t match my red and black living room so I knew that wouldn’t work.

I was scrolling through some stuff I have pinned and saw these cute shoes. I thought the duck cloth would be prefect for these shoes. It makes them kinda look like TOMS. I did mine a little different as I left the raw edges out. I am thinking about going back and zigzagging over them so Bradley won’t tear them up too much. Also I used Velcro for the buckle part because with it sewed down I can’t get Bradley’s feet in them.


I thought these shoes were a cute dresser outfit and that making a tie onsie with some of the fabric would be prefect. I already had the plain grey onsie so I just used it.


I thought about making some shorts to go with it but I decided against it in the end.  I am going to let him wear some shorts he already has with it.


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