Blog Building

I have spent a good bit of time this week working on my blog. I have completely redone the theme, the header, added a link party page, changed up my side bar, made a button and some graphics for some of my weekly post.

I have spent some time on different linky parties. I have linked up to some new ones. Read a lot more post than I normally do when I link up. I have pinned a lot of stuff I’ve seen on some of the linky parties. I started following a lot of blogs on Facebook.

Which leads me to my last issue with all the changes I made to my stuff. I wanted all my stuff to match. Yes, I know that’s my OCD kicking in but seriously it looks better and it’s easier for people to find you if everything has the same name. The one thing I have not been able to change the name on is my Facebook page. I have actually thought about making a new one so that everything will match but I haven’t done that yet. I thought about changing my tags from crafts to Sheena Creates so that the two are incorporated together. I just can’t decide which is better. What would you do?? I know if I make a new page I am going to wait to delete my old page in hopes to get my followers on my old page to follow my new page. Then I come back to the concern of pages not showing up in newsfeed and wondering if its worth it to put that much work into Facebook right now.

I am on Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter and Facebook. But I have seen a lot about Google+. How many of you use it? I am thinking about using it more.


Let me know what you think!!

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