Monday Memories #10

Monday Memories

Last week was a rather a slow week for Bradley and I as far as going.  We spent most of the week playing around the house and to be honest I think Bradley gets cabin fever after too many days at home and by the end of the week he was defiantly having cabin fever but this week he will probably be ready for a few days at home.  We are going into the office everyday this week.

Bradley spent a lot of time playing in his room this week.  He gets tired of the living room.  One day when I was getting something out of his closet he found his play mat and had to have it.  So he spent a good bit of time playing with his play mat.

Playing with his Playmat

Monday Bradley had his six month review for early interventions.  We updated his goals and with those changes it was determined he will no longer need occupational therapy.  For six months now Adria, Bradley’s occupational therapist, has been a big part of our life.  Bradley saw her twice a month.  She has really helped Bradley overcome a lot of the problems he was having when we started therapy.  On Friday Bradley had his last appointment with Adria.  It was a bittersweet day for us.  I am excited that he is doing well enough that he no longer needs occupational therapy, but we will miss Adria.

Bradley & Adria

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