Tuesday To Do #1

Tuesday To Do

I have spent a lot of time lately trying to grow my blog and one thing I wanted to do in all of that is work on a schedule for post.  I am working towards something for each day Monday through Friday.  So with that in mind this week I am adding Tuesday To Do.  I am the type of person who uses list for everything.  It just makes life easier.  Its no surprise that I have to do for different rooms, unfinished projects, etc., that I use.

This week I am going to talk about the to do list of my projects in Bradley’s room.  The other day while we were playing in his room I was looking around thinking about things I would like to do.  Some are to finish his room from when we originally decorated it.  Some are to make updates for decorations that just don’t really work or the light fixture which is broken.  Some are changes because he is getting older and his needs are changing.

Things I want to Buy:

  • New light fixture – The temperature is so hard to regulate in his room so when it started getting hot I turned on his ceiling fan and started using his lamp instead of the light on the ceiling fan.  Now the cord to the light is messed up.  I am sure we could probably take it apart and fix it but lets be honest I HATE the ceiling fan altogether.  It is old outdated and just not doing justice for his room.  I have no clue what I want at this point though.
  • Blinds – I have slowly been buying blinds for through out our house.  It is expensive to go out and buy blinds for the whole house at one time.  Right now he has a darkening curtain and I would really like blinds to let some light in.
  • Valance – After I get blinds I don’t want the darkening curtain up so I have decided the valance that matches his bedding would be really cute.  It still fits his age too.

Bradley's Window Valance

Things I want to Make:

  • Canvas for above his bed – I have yet to find something that I LOVE to hang above Bradley’s bed so far he has nothing hanging on the wall that his bed is on.  I thought about something for above his changing table and something for above his bed and something for above his bookcase.  But I decided that was too much so instead I want a big canvas to hang on that wall.  But lets be honest here those things are expensive, which is why I don’t have any of them yet.  I have seen so many different post people have done about how to make them yourself that I have decided to give it a try myself.  I know I want the biggest one I can find.  I know I want it to be in sepia.  I know I want to include his pictures from 1 month to 12 months in it.
  • Shade box for above his dresser – I have all his bracelets, his paci, his blood pressure cuff and everything else from when he was in the NICU.  I want to make a shadow box with all his stuff and a picture of him from when he was born.  Then I want to hang a smaller picture on either side of it from the first time I got to hold him and the first time his Daddy got to hold him.
  • Paper Machi “B – On the wall with the window he currently has his wreath and a picture that I bought hanging up.  I am going to leave the wreath but I am really not feeling the picture anymore.  It matched a lot of his stuff (bouncy seat, play mat, jumperoo) but now that he doesn’t use that stuff anymore I think its time for something new.  I want to get a paper machi “B” and paint it to match his room.

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