Monogrammed A

Recently I told ya’ll I got an embroidery machine for Christmas and I am learning how to use it in my post Learning to Embroidery.  I have spent a good bit of time practicing and reading about how to embroidery so it looks the best.  After a good bit of practice I am happy to say I have finally made a shirt I am proud of.

I used my Cricut to cut out the “A” and I attached it to the shirt with heat bond.  Then using my curlz font I embroidered “Alyssa” diagonally across the “A”.  I was so excited to see how well it came out.  Alyssa wore it to school yesterday and I was lucky enough to get her to model it for a picture.

Monogrammed A

I have some bags I am going to embroidery for all the kids for summer and now that I have mastered this I know that is the same way I am going to do their bags.  Now to just figure out what fabric for the big letters and colors for the embroidery and they will be set for summer.

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