Tuesday To Do #2

Tuesday To Do

Last week on Tuesday To Do I talked about Bradley’s room.  Since then I have done a lot of shopping, planning and preparing, but I was in the office all week last week, our hot water heater busted, it was Mother’s Day and lets face it after that week I was too exhausted to do any crafting.  So I haven’t gotten anything marked off that list yet.

This week I am going to talk about summer.  When Adam and I did our shopping for Easter basket goodies I found several things that I wanted but it wouldn’t all fit in the baskets.  Actually it ended up that I bought different baskets and decided to use the baskets I had originally bought for something else.  Now here we are months later and no, I still haven’t completely those projects either.  Since school is going to be out in less than two weeks I decided it was time to get on it.

Originally I wanted to do a summer themed Easter baskets but I ran out of time for my projects, so I ended up saving that stuff for summer.

I have these projects:

  • Monogram the bag.  These bags are actually why I was doing what I was doing in my Learn to Embroidery post.  I still haven’t found a font that I “love” for the boys yet so I need to get on that.  I found these bags at Dollar Tree earlier in the year and thought they were the prefect size for the kids to carry their stuff in to the pool.  I got pink, purple, blue, and green.
  • Water bottles.  CHECK!!!  I have marked this project off my list.  The kids have already seen the water bottles and they LOVE them!  As you can see the water bottles match the colors of the bags.
  • Monogrammed hoodied towels.  This year I decided I wanted to make each child a hoodied towel with their name on it for the pool.  I previously looked at some towels and I was not impressed with them.  I’ve got to keep looking around to find some that are what I want so I can add the hood and name to them.
  • Monogram the buckets.  I bought these buckets from Wal-Mart during Easter.  They were in with all the Easter baskets.  I thought they would be good for Easter baskets and then afterwards the kids could use them at the beach.

I have this shopping:

  • Swimsuits.  CHECK!!!  I finally found swimsuits that I like.  I had been looking for months and I had debated on attempting to make some for the girls myself.  I am still throwing around the idea of making some for the girls but at least we have one for starting summer.
  • Sand toys.  Partially check!  I have already bought some toys for the kids to use to play with in the sand but I want to get a few more things to go in them.  Now I have to look back and see what I have already bought before I buy anything else because I can’t remember what I bought already.

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