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Recently we had Bradley’s six month review with early intervention to redo his goals.  He had achieved his goals with eating but not with walking so we modified and kept those goals.  One of his biggest problems these days is communication.  He fusses all the time and we think if he could tell us what he wants he would be happier.  We set a few goals related to communication and scheduled a speech evaluation.

A few weeks ago we had his speech evaluation.  I was told that day that he defiantly had a delay and qualified for services.  We decided to start with one day a month and if he didn’t seem to be doing well enough that we would change to twice a month.  I thought once a month would at least make things easier for summer.

At his first speech appointment I received a copy of his evaluation.  He is five months behind in communication.  He is 15 months old but as far as communication he is at about a 10 month level.  We are working on some baby signs and hoping once he learns a few of them that it will help some of his fussiness.  Right now we are working on more, drink and all done.

We had already started drink when we were still receiving occupational therapy services so we are continuing to work on it.  Candice, the speech instructor, wanted him to work on more and then one day when we were working on more we added all done.  He doesn’t seem to be doing very well with it but hopefully he will continue to improve.

EI has become such a big part of our life.  It was sad to say good bye to Adria, but it was good to know Bradley was doing well enough that he no longer needed occupational therapy.

Saying Goodbye to Adria


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