Alyssa Turns 9

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I know this is a few weeks late but better late than never right?!?  My oldest baby, Alyssa, turned 9 years old on the Jun 28th.  I can’t believe it has been 9 years since God blessed me with this beautiful baby girl.  Last year the kids decided instead of having big birthday parties that no one comes to that we would do something just us. Alyssa picked for her and I to have a girls day and we are going to sips and strokes but due to different things we haven’t been able to go yet. But she has been such a good sport about it and knows we will go in the next few weeks.

For Alyssa’s birthday she kinda knew what she was getting for a while.  I have been working on a desk for her room and I told her for her birthday I would fill it with craft supplies. She got lots of goodies!!

Alyssa Turns 9

Alyssa Turns 9

We had a fun day!!  She picked Chickfila for breakfast.  We had Yogurt Mountain for lunch.

Alyssa Turns 9

Then we had Gigi’s cupcakes with Auntie that evening. Alyssa picked out a special one for her and I got an assortment for the rest of us.  Happy 9th birthday Alyssa!!!

Alyssa Turns 9

Alyssa Turns 9

Alyssa Turns 9

Monday Memories #13

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During the summer these post will probably be a little smaller and some weeks I may not even post them. These post are general a recap of my pictures from Instagram for the week. Most of my pictures this summer will be posted over at So make sure you check it out over there to see what we are up to.  Although right now I am having some technical difficulties.  My computer doesn’t want to acknowledge when I put my memory card in my computer.  Have I ever said I hate my computer??  Ok, I want get off on that rant today.

The three big kids have left for eight days. I use to get really sad when Alyssa and Noah would go to their Dad’s for a week but over the years I have learned that it is a much needed break for me and it gives them a chance to really spend some time with their Dad. This summer I told Adam we needed to let Taylor go somewhere for a week too so I could have a good break after the week we had last week. I wasn’t sure I’d make it through the summer. If you are following my summer blog then you probably saw the issues we had one day that were just too much for one day. But we aren’t going to relive that here.

My little sister is turning 21 this week. Happy Birthday Nevesha, I love you!! So Saturday we had cupcakes for her birthday with the kids. I totally forgot to get any pictures. Then me, her and the babies went swimming. Since I love her so much and she asked me so nicely there aren’t any pictures of that to share. Saturday night we went out to dinner at Sushi Village. The babies did really well and it was so nice to get out and have some adult time even if the babies were with us.  If you like sushi I highly recommend Sushi Village in Gardendale.  It is really good and cheaper than Stix.

When we were getting ready to leave Bradley was getting his diaper changed in the front seat of the car and got to play in the front seat for a few minutes. I got this cute picture of him driving Mommy’s car. He thought he was big stuff.

Driving Mommy's Car

Hope everyone has a Happy Memorial Day!! Adam and I will be painting.

Monday Memories #11

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Last week Bradley and I spent the week in the office. It was nice being out of the house but man was I tired by the end of the week. Bradley did his fair share of getting into stuff. Actually he got into everything. Hopefully I got everything put back where he goes and Laney doesn’t have a mess to come back to. Bradley enjoyed reading all the law magazines.

Studying to be an Attorney

For about a year we have been talking about a bigger hot water heater. We had a 40 gallon hot water heater and do NOT try to take a hot shower after the girls because there isn’t any hot water. I finally started making Noah take the first shower because he was always getting left without any hot water. Wednesday morning Bradley got up really early. I opened our bedroom door going towards Bradley’s room and heard Rhino crying something awful. I thought no wonder he is awake so early. As soon as I opened Rhino’s door I understood why she was crying the way she was. Our hot water heater busted and our laundry room aka Rhino’s room was filled with steam and hot water. She generally sleeps on top of the hot water heater, so its very possible she was asleep on top of it when it bust. Our talking about getting a bigger hot water heater became a must do today thing and now we have an 80 gallon hot water heater. Not the way I wanted to get it but I am enjoying the hot water.

Hot Water Heater

Rhino hasn’t been sleeping on the hot water heater anymore either. Actually she is still pretty scared to even go in her room. She has made a bed of the box the hot water heater was in.

Rhino Sleeping

As you know from my post Friday Food we had breakfast one day last week. It was the same day our hot water heater bust and that was an all day thing getting taken care of. The man was here at dinner time installing it. So I was trying to get all four kids plates fixed and make sure Adam ate and fix myself a plate. I fixed all four kids a plate and before I realized it Bradley had his plate and was eating his biscuit. He enjoyed it!!

Eating His Biscuit

Of course yesterday was Mother’s Day. Hopefully I’ll get to do a full post on Mother’s Day but in case I don’t. I got some lovely flowers from my parents. Adam got me an orchid. I have been wanting one so now I have to figure out how to keep it alive. I also got a coffee maker and lots and lots of art work.

Mother's Day Flowers 2013

Bradley’s Birthday Hat

Bradley’s first birthday was done in monkeys so my color scheme was red and brown. I knew one thing I wanted for his party was a birthday hat for him to wear that matched everything. I looked online for a pattern to make one and all I could find was one that was smaller than what I wanted, so I decided I’d look at the store for a cheap one that I could redecorate.

When walking through Dollar Tree one day I found one. Sorry I forgot to take a big of the before. I knew I could easily take off the tisle around the bottom of the hat. Then I undid it to make it a flat piece of cardboard. At first I thought about covering it with card stock but then I decided I wanted something that looked nicer and that would hold up well. So I decided I’d cover it with some brown fabric. I used a glue stick like I buy the kids to glue the fabric onto the hat.

Birthday Hat

Birthday Hat

Then I used my hot glue gun to glue it back together and make it back into the hat shape.

Birthday Hat

I had originally wanted ric rac to glue around the top and bottom of the hat but I was only able to find it in brown so I bought this other ribbon in red and honestly I loved the red ribbon and hated the ric rac. I decided I needed something other than the brown and red so I got in my stash of ribbon and found this off white that I thought went well with it.

Birthday Hat

I am not sure what I was thinking when I spaced out the ribbon but I was not happy with it. So I decided to add more ribbon and make it fuller. I also added some of the red ribbon around the top. Then I cut out a “1” from some red fabric and attached it with fabric glue.


It didn’t turn out exactly how I imagined it but what ever does?!? Noah has requested one for his birthday so I know what changes I’ll be making and it will not have ric rac on it. I’ll save that for sewing.

Birthday Hat

Valentine’s Day


It seems like Valentine’s Day came and went a lot faster this year than years before. I had wrapped everyone’s stuff days before and had it on display in the living room so the kids were ready to open them as soon as we got up. Surprisingly they were actually ready for school with plenty of time to spare so we let them.


I got each of them a little something. Slap bracelets, pencil, light up Valentine’s toy and candy for the big kids. Bradley got a light up Valentine’s toy, stuff animal and duck. Adam got pants and candy. I got flowers and embroidery thread.



Having four kids we don’t have much time to do anything just us so we have to learn to make the most of any time we have after bedtime. I had been asking for sushi for several weeks now and Adam was going to surprise me with sushi Valentine’s night but I was so tired I went to bed right after we got the kids in the bed so he made me sushi last night instead.


First Bday Invites

A few years ago I made these very time consuming pretty birthday invitations for Taylor’s birthday party. When I was done I had spent more time and money on them than they were really worth and I said never again. But never again came apparently because I did it for a baby shower that I hosted and now I have done it again for Bradley’s first birthday.

This is probably the last time I’ll get to throw a 1st birthday party and I’m going to do it like the other ones BIG, all the way down to the invitations. What else is my cricut for?? Ok so maybe that isn’t the best excuse since I use it for many other things and will be using it for something special for I’ll man’s 1st birthday.

When Bradley was born he had to stay in the NICU for 13 days and the doctor told us it was important for Bradley to hear my voice as much as possible. Since I was having to go home from the hospital and he was staying Adam got us a monkey that I could record my voice and the nurses could play it for Bradley. Ever since then monkeys have kinda been his thing. Since this birthday is probably the only one I’ll have a say in, he is having a monkey themed party.

I used my cricut and the new arrival cartridge to cut out the monkey and your invited lettering. I used a glue stick to glue the pieces of the monkey together. But I used my xyron create a sticker for attaching the monkey to the card and the lettering to the card. I printed the cards on 8 1/2 x 11 paper and cut them in half. I decided to use wiggle eyes for the eyes and I attached them with mini glue dots.

Now to get some envelopes and in the mail they go. Next is the decorations for his party!!

Now I wish I had of bought the cricut cake a few years ago when I saw it on sale because I’d so make a cake to match the invites if I had of.


Valentine’s Shirt

I saw this idea forever ago on a blog that I follow. I saved the idea but I had not used it yet. I thought about it the other day when I made the dresses from Adam’s shirts but I had already put the dresses together before I thought about it so I couldn’t do it.

With my heart I decided to embroidery the heart with a scalloped edge, then I sewed lines across the heart before cutting the fabric to expose the lighter fabric.

I wasn’t really sure how this would work out so I didn’t stress about the fact that my shirt has sun damage on it before I did the embroidery on it.


Undecorated the Tree

Tonight Elfy undecorated the tree and laid all the ornaments in the snowman & santa baskets & on the floor. He even left them a note telling them to redecorate it this afternoon.