Alyssa Turns 9

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I know this is a few weeks late but better late than never right?!?  My oldest baby, Alyssa, turned 9 years old on the Jun 28th.  I can’t believe it has been 9 years since God blessed me with this beautiful baby girl.  Last year the kids decided instead of having big birthday parties that no one comes to that we would do something just us. Alyssa picked for her and I to have a girls day and we are going to sips and strokes but due to different things we haven’t been able to go yet. But she has been such a good sport about it and knows we will go in the next few weeks.

For Alyssa’s birthday she kinda knew what she was getting for a while.  I have been working on a desk for her room and I told her for her birthday I would fill it with craft supplies. She got lots of goodies!!

Alyssa Turns 9

Alyssa Turns 9

We had a fun day!!  She picked Chickfila for breakfast.  We had Yogurt Mountain for lunch.

Alyssa Turns 9

Then we had Gigi’s cupcakes with Auntie that evening. Alyssa picked out a special one for her and I got an assortment for the rest of us.  Happy 9th birthday Alyssa!!!

Alyssa Turns 9

Alyssa Turns 9

Alyssa Turns 9

Monogrammed Outfits Green, Pink, Orange & Blue Chevron

The next monogrammed outfits the girls and I wore was the green, pink, orange and blue chevron print.  It has a name but I can’t remember what its called.  I LOVE this fabric and so wish I had of bought more of it than I did.  Hopefully I’ll find some more of it.  Please excuse my lack of photography in this picture.  I had children with rather shaky hands helping me in taking the pictures.

With this fabric I made both girls a skirt and I made all three of us a pocket tee.  Last summer I bought two light blue t-shirts for the girls that I never used.  One is now to small for either girl and one fit Taylor perfectly, so I used it for this outfit.  A while back I bought a lime green t-shirt for Alyssa and I had yet to use it so I decided to use it for this outfit.  When I bought a bunch of t-shirts for myself I bought a green one which worked out perfect for this outfit.

My Outfit


Alyssa's Outfit


Taylor's Outfit


Monogrammed Outfit Purple with Pink Polka Dots

A few weeks ago I did a lot of sewing one Saturday and in that sewing I made a lot of matching outfits with monogramming for the girls and myself.  Over the next few weeks I am going to feature these outfits on here and I will be offering some pocket tees on my Facebook page for sale from the fabric that is featured in each of these post so make sure you check it out because there is limited fabric and once its gone it may be gone forever.

Matching Monogrammed Outfits

My Outfit

Alyssa's Outfit

Taylor's Outfit

The first outfit the girls and I wore was the purple with pink polka dots.  I bought these tank tops for the girls months ago and I never used them.  When I saw this fabric I knew it would be perfect to make them matching skirts with monogrammed shirts.  I also bought a good many t-shirts for myself in different colors and I decided the pink one was the perfect color for this fabric to make myself a monogrammed tee.


For the girls shirts I wasn’t sure about monogramming straight on the shirt and I didn’t think a pocket would look good so I decided to make a large monogrammed circle.  Luckily I had some pink in my scraps from a quilt I made years ago that was just the right color.



Beach Buckets

Beach Buckets

On my Tuesday To Do post I previous talked about these buckets I bought from Wal-Mart during Easter.  Well, this past weekend was the weekend of UFO.  I got a lot of them off my list including these buckets.  I am not sure why I put off doing this for so long.  I guess because honestly I am not a fan of vinyl.  I love the way it looks but I do not like working with it.

At first I was going to put their name on the buckets like I did the water bottles, but then I decided I would just put their initial on them like I did the bags.  I thought it helped to tie them all together in coordinating.  Also to help the coordinating I decided I would put a heart on the girls’ and a star on the boys’ like I did the water bottles.

Beach Buckets Back

I had previously bought some toys for playing in the sand.  A few weeks ago the kids and I got a pool to get ready for summer and when we bought it we also got each of them some new goggles and some new pool toys.  I had put them up so I filled their buckets up with the sand and pool toys.

Alyssa's Bucket

Noah's Bucket

Taylor's Bucket

Bradley's Bucket

Summer Totes

One of the things I said I wanted to make for each of the kids for summer was a bag to carry their stuff in.  I found these really cute bags at Dollar Tree and I couldn’t resist them especially for a dollar.

Dollar Tree Bags

Originally I wanted to monogram the bags the same way I did Alyssa’s shirt, but I had issues hooping the bags.  For some reason I couldn’t get the bag to hoop.

Taylor and I went to Hobby Lobby to find some fabric for their initials for the bags.  I told her I wanted some fabric that would look good on all four bags.  I wanted it to be the same fabric so all four bags would coordinate.  I also told her it couldn’t be too girlie.  At first she told me everything was too girlie then she found this fabric that was the prefect match.  It has all the different colors and its not girlie.

I used heat bond on the back of the fabric then I used my Cricut to cut out each child’s initial.  Using the heat bond I was able to easily iron the initial onto the bags and it looks great.  All the kids love them. Also they match the kids’ water bottles that I made them. I used the same font with my Cricut for these that I used for the water bottles.

Summer Totes

Alyssa's Tote

Noah's Tote

Taylor's Tote

Bradley's Tote

Monogrammed A

Recently I told ya’ll I got an embroidery machine for Christmas and I am learning how to use it in my post Learning to Embroidery.  I have spent a good bit of time practicing and reading about how to embroidery so it looks the best.  After a good bit of practice I am happy to say I have finally made a shirt I am proud of.

I used my Cricut to cut out the “A” and I attached it to the shirt with heat bond.  Then using my curlz font I embroidered “Alyssa” diagonally across the “A”.  I was so excited to see how well it came out.  Alyssa wore it to school yesterday and I was lucky enough to get her to model it for a picture.

Monogrammed A

I have some bags I am going to embroidery for all the kids for summer and now that I have mastered this I know that is the same way I am going to do their bags.  Now to just figure out what fabric for the big letters and colors for the embroidery and they will be set for summer.

Monday Memories #9

The last few weeks have been crazy busy. We finally got a new car. We got a Honda Pilot and it was like a two day thing. We liked two and were trying to decide between the two. We did a lot of comparing, reading the fine lines and finally made a decision.


Alyssa had a field trip to DeSoto Caverns. I took lots of pictures with my camera but just like my Easter pictures, I haven’t had time to hook my camera up to the computer. Hopefully I’ll get a chance to post more about it soon. Bradley had lots of fun and seemed to really enjoy it. He was too busy checking everything out to nap.


Taylor had a field trip to the zoo. Same thing with those pictures too. I did snap one of Bradley with my phone when he fell asleep in the stroller. I still can’t believe he did that.


Bradley and I went to Botanical Gardens for litigation lunch the week of Administrative Professional’s Day. It was so nice outside that day.


Bradley and I have been enjoying the outdoors a lot lately. We had a picnic lunch outside one day. We went to the park with the big kids two days in a row. We are so ready for summer.



Pharaoh is Mummified

A few weeks ago I wrote a post about Alyssa making a pharaoh. After we finished the pharaoh she took it to school and they took out the organs to start the mummification process. After that she brought it home and every two days had to change the natron aka salt and baking soda mixture. This went on for about a month before she took it back to school today.

Sorry I forgot to take a picture before she took it back to school. I really didn’t like to be in the same room when she was changing it because the smell was so bad. When she wasn’t here to change it Adam would change it for her so I didn’t have to endure the smell.

Today she took it back to school. They wrapped it and put a picture on the top of the tomb drawn by the child. Alyssa said she is going to finish coloring hers.



Now her mummy is complete and she put it in her room to save with her volcano.


I feel like this is the never ending battle at our house. Well I have finally gotten to the point that I am tired of repeating myself fifty million times every night so we start a new system. It is similar to the system used in Taylor’s class at school. My thought is if we do something similar to school it will help keep them out of trouble at school.

My kids are 7, 7 and 8. Obviously they are old enough to know the rules. I have one in first grade, one in second grade and one in third grade. In first grade you get several chances and after about five your name gets put on the board. In second grade you get two chance and then you have to pull a card. In third grade you don’t get chance you simple follow the rules.

We have a whiteboard that I bought at the first of the school year when I made our command center. It’s divided into three sections so I have an area for each school age child and each child’s section has his/her name on it. So we are going to put strikes on the board. For each strike the punishment gets a little worse.

1 strike is simply a warning.
2 strikes no dessert.
3 strikes sit in the corner for 15 minutes.
4 strikes write sentences, spelling words, factors, whatever would help him/her the most with school.
5 strikes you go to bed.

What system do you use at your house? Does it help?

Time to Make a Pharaoh

Alyssa is in RLC and this year they are studying Ancient Egypt. She comes home telling me all kinds of stuff I don’t know interesting things.  A week ago she brought home a note about making a pharaoh and today was the day. We gathered our supplies and got to work.

Alyssa working on her pharaoh.


Her pharaoh laying in his tomb. He had already been sitting out a little while so his face is showing really well.


Tomorrow she is taking it to school to start the mummification process. Then she will bring it home and have to take care of it four weeks. This should be interesting.  Hopefully she will be better about taking care of her pharaoh than she is her cat.  Although I do know I am going to have to take care of it for her when she goes to her Dad’s house.