Tie Shirt & Canvas Shoes

Last summer I made some corn hole bags for Adam out of duck cloth. I didn’t use all of the fabric and like everything else I saved the scraps. This pretty orange fabric has been on my mind lately and I have been wondering what I could make with it. I also had some grey and white chevron fabric left over from the bags and I used it to make coasters and a cute frame. I debated on making more coasters. One of them has disappeared thanks to my active 14 month old who loves to play with everything BUT his toys. However, orange just doesn’t match my red and black living room so I knew that wouldn’t work.

I was scrolling through some stuff I have pinned and saw these cute shoes. I thought the duck cloth would be prefect for these shoes. It makes them kinda look like TOMS. I did mine a little different as I left the raw edges out. I am thinking about going back and zigzagging over them so Bradley won’t tear them up too much. Also I used Velcro for the buckle part because with it sewed down I can’t get Bradley’s feet in them.


I thought these shoes were a cute dresser outfit and that making a tie onsie with some of the fabric would be prefect. I already had the plain grey onsie so I just used it.


I thought about making some shorts to go with it but I decided against it in the end.  I am going to let him wear some shorts he already has with it.

Six Months

It’s hard to believe its been six months since Bradley started EI. He has come a long way in six months too. When Bradley was referred to EI he could not sit and he didn’t have the strength or resistance in his lower body. He was a poor eater and didn’t sleep.

Now here we are six months later and he is eating and sleeping wonderfully. The only goal he has not obtained is he isn’t beginning to walk yet. This hasn’t been a huge concern for me because he has been pulling up and cruising for a while now. Today I realized in a month he will be 15 months old so beginning to walk is something he needs to obtain soon.

The other thing we talked about was his speech. Bradley says several one syllable words but not any two syllable words. We are going to have a speech evaluation and see where he is and what we need to do next. I do know the first thing is going to be getting rid of his paci. Bradley generally uses it to calm himself and for sleep. I am going to start taking it away from him during the day so he will hopefully only have it at nap time and bedtime. I know this will be a challenge for both of us.

I am so proud of him and his progress. But it’s kind of sad to know we will have one more OT appointment and then we will be done with OT. We will defiantly miss Adria.

Bradley’s Birthday Hat

Bradley’s first birthday was done in monkeys so my color scheme was red and brown. I knew one thing I wanted for his party was a birthday hat for him to wear that matched everything. I looked online for a pattern to make one and all I could find was one that was smaller than what I wanted, so I decided I’d look at the store for a cheap one that I could redecorate.

When walking through Dollar Tree one day I found one. Sorry I forgot to take a big of the before. I knew I could easily take off the tisle around the bottom of the hat. Then I undid it to make it a flat piece of cardboard. At first I thought about covering it with card stock but then I decided I wanted something that looked nicer and that would hold up well. So I decided I’d cover it with some brown fabric. I used a glue stick like I buy the kids to glue the fabric onto the hat.

Birthday Hat

Birthday Hat

Then I used my hot glue gun to glue it back together and make it back into the hat shape.

Birthday Hat

I had originally wanted ric rac to glue around the top and bottom of the hat but I was only able to find it in brown so I bought this other ribbon in red and honestly I loved the red ribbon and hated the ric rac. I decided I needed something other than the brown and red so I got in my stash of ribbon and found this off white that I thought went well with it.

Birthday Hat

I am not sure what I was thinking when I spaced out the ribbon but I was not happy with it. So I decided to add more ribbon and make it fuller. I also added some of the red ribbon around the top. Then I cut out a “1” from some red fabric and attached it with fabric glue.


It didn’t turn out exactly how I imagined it but what ever does?!? Noah has requested one for his birthday so I know what changes I’ll be making and it will not have ric rac on it. I’ll save that for sewing.

Birthday Hat

A Year of Bradley

A year ago today we welcomed Adam Bradley Anderson Jr. into this world.  It wasn’t the most graceful entry and many days have been a struggle but it has been a world of love and joy.   A year ago today we looked at a baby who laid with many cords connected to him.  We were told we couldn’t hold him and to touch him as little possible.  I have written many post about Bradley and all his struggles.  You can find them here and here and here and here and here and here and here and here and here.  But I can finally say he is starting to improve.  He still has therapy 2-3 times a month and we are so thankful for these ladies and all they have done to help Bradley.  Maybe he isn’t walking yet but I’m not ready and he is reaching milestones and did you know that actually the milestone for walking isn’t until 15 months according to Children’s Hospital.

Happy Birthday Bradley!!  I can’t wait to see what the next year will bring for you.

Bradley Birth


One Month

Two Months

Two Months

Three Months

Three Months

Four Months

Four Months

Five Months

Five Months

Six Months

Six Months

Seven Months

Seven Months

Eight Months

Eight Months

Nine Months

Nine Months

Ten Months

Ten Months

Eleven Months

Eleven Months

Twelve Months

Twelve Months

Beloved Paci

When Bradley was born he spent 13 days in the NICU and later spent 3 days in Children’s in the special care unit. Both of which were places that I could not be with him 24/7. Both of which were places that gave him the paci every time he cried. So when he came home he LOVED his paci. He was so attached to his paci that when he had all his feeding issues we even bought a bottle made my gumdrop (the company who made his paci) to see if he would take it.

His paci has been through a lot. He has tried many times to lose his beloved paci. I have looked under many aisles at Wal-Mart chasing the paci after he threw it down. During football season he threw it down and luckily we found it in the parking lot. After many episodes of him throwing his paci and me trying to keep up with it I finally broke down and went to Buy Buy Baby to get a paci clip.

The issue was all the clips I could find at Wal-Mart or Target were all to go around a paci that has the ring; however, his gumdrop paci does not have the ring so I had to go across town to get one that would fit in the hole on his paci to hold it.

Lately we have encountered another issue with his paci, it is coming apart and I must say it is rather nasty under the part that is starting to break. We tried the other gumdrop pacis again and he did not like them. We tried the soothe paci again and he did not like it.

Finally we went by the nurse’s station at the hospital where he was born and asked for another paci. The nice ladies found us one that wasn’t with stuff to go to a room and gave it to us.

I was a little unsure about the new paci. It looks just like his beloved paci but what if he notices that it is different. Maybe it doesn’t smell like his paci. Maybe it doesn’t taste like his paci.

After we got home I decided to swap it out. To my surprise he grabbed it and went right on just like it was his paci. Now I have got to find something to put his first paci in to save it.

I’d say we did pretty good since he is almost a year old before we had to replace his paci.

Bradley's Paci

Bradley’s Beloved Paci

Bradley's New Paci

Bradley with his new Paci

First Bday Invites

A few years ago I made these very time consuming pretty birthday invitations for Taylor’s birthday party. When I was done I had spent more time and money on them than they were really worth and I said never again. But never again came apparently because I did it for a baby shower that I hosted and now I have done it again for Bradley’s first birthday.

This is probably the last time I’ll get to throw a 1st birthday party and I’m going to do it like the other ones BIG, all the way down to the invitations. What else is my cricut for?? Ok so maybe that isn’t the best excuse since I use it for many other things and will be using it for something special for I’ll man’s 1st birthday.

When Bradley was born he had to stay in the NICU for 13 days and the doctor told us it was important for Bradley to hear my voice as much as possible. Since I was having to go home from the hospital and he was staying Adam got us a monkey that I could record my voice and the nurses could play it for Bradley. Ever since then monkeys have kinda been his thing. Since this birthday is probably the only one I’ll have a say in, he is having a monkey themed party.

I used my cricut and the new arrival cartridge to cut out the monkey and your invited lettering. I used a glue stick to glue the pieces of the monkey together. But I used my xyron create a sticker for attaching the monkey to the card and the lettering to the card. I printed the cards on 8 1/2 x 11 paper and cut them in half. I decided to use wiggle eyes for the eyes and I attached them with mini glue dots.

Now to get some envelopes and in the mail they go. Next is the decorations for his party!!

Now I wish I had of bought the cricut cake a few years ago when I saw it on sale because I’d so make a cake to match the invites if I had of.


Bradley’s Eyes

Aren’t they just the prettiest thing you have ever seen with those long eye lashes?? Ok so maybe I’m a little partial seeing as how he is my baby and everything but seriously I have had so many people tell me how beautiful his eyelashes are.

Anyway, several months ago I noticed his eyes did not always focus when he was looking at stuff. With everything that he has been through it concerned me so I mention it to his doctor who referred us to Dr. Metz. As picky as I am about doctors I did some research and decided I was comfortable taking him to Dr. Metz. I called to make an appointment and I was a little discouraged because the soonest they could see him was two months out. But I went ahead and made the appointment and reminded myself the best doctors book up quickly.

Over the last two months I have noticed an improvement in Bradley’s eyes. He still looks like he isn’t focusing from time to time but not like he was two months ago. I almost cancelled today’s appointment last week when they called to confirm it but decided I didn’t need to do that. It would be better to take him and everything be ok and have that peace of mind than to not take him and worry about it in a few weeks then have to wait two more months.

Today we met with Dr. Metz. I must say he was a very nice man. It’s rare that a doctor introduces themselves by their first name however he did. He reminded me of Dr. Law, Bradley’s heart doctor, very calm, patient and gentle with Bradley. I feel like that type of personality is important for a baby when going for exams like the eye doctor and heart doctor.

Dr. Metz told us Bradley is farsighted which is normal with babies of Bradley’s age. His is a little more than most babies but nothing that needs glasses. He also told us since the focusing seems to be straightening itself up we will not do anything at this time. We will plan to go back for a recheck in a year but if it doesn’t clean up, gets worse or he starts going cross eyed he would see us in six months.

So I am happy to say we got a good report!!


Bradley Update

In about three months of therapy Bradley has gone from not being able to sit up to sitting, getting from sitting to laying, getting from laying to sitting, scooting, crawling and pulling onto his knees. Now we are working on getting him to take the next steps to pull up to his feet. He will put some weight on his feet now. He is into everything and going everywhere on his own. I blink my eyes and he has disappeared into the other room.

His eating has greatly improved. He did not like baby food at all. As soon as I started giving him table food he started eating more solids. He pretty much eats whatever we eat. When him and I go to litigation lunch he eats the whole time.

In the last two days we have had a sippy cup break through. We went through about five sippy cups. EI brought us a special straw training cup and while he will drink from it he won’t drink much, maybe 3 ounces in a day. Yesterday I started putting his formula in his NUK sippy cup (that matches his bottles, that were the only bottle he would take) and he drank almost all of it. Today I have put two of his bottles in it and he has drinker both of them. It’s crazy how the first cup we tried now months later and many cups later its the cup he is taking.

Sleeping is a progress. Sleeping through the night is one of his goals. Several times he has gotten to the point that he would sleep through the night a night or two then he’d get an ear infection and he wouldn’t sleep through the night again. He likes to go to bed around 6:30 pm and stay on the bed till 6 am but he will get up one or two times for a bottle. Last night he slept 12 hours without getting up so hopefully we are getting closer to sleeping through the night.

His ears have been a continuously concern. He has had four ear infections but three different occurrences. The last time he had one it was in one ear, he took meds and it moved to the other ear, got more meds and it cleared up. We discussed tubes but that was when his doctor realized he needed one more to qualify for them. However due to all the issues he has had and now that he is finally doing so well the doctor is very uncomfortable putting him to sleep. He said something tells him not to put Bradley to sleep so I agreed no tubes. If he has more ear infections that are worse we will revisit that thought but for now he will not be getting them.

We have had many issues with the insurance company when it comes to getting Bradley’s medicine filled. One of his medicines he was suppose to take three times a day but the doctor said he didn’t have to have it that many times and the possible side affects of it scared me so all he ever got it was twice a day. After he started doing so well eating I decided to stop one of the doses of it. It’s the medicine that made him sleep so we had a few rough nights but it was worth it. Then after his doctor’s appointment we completely stopped that medicine. One down and one to go. Once we saw he was doing well without the first medicine that we stopped it was time to start decreasing the other medicine. He only took it once a day so we cut the dose in half and after about a week completely stopped it. He has now been medicine free for three days.

All and all he is doing much better now. We have to go back to the heart doctor this fall and hopefully he will be released from the heart doctor then. We go to the eye doctor next week and hopefully we will get a good report there.

What’s a Week?

I never would have imagined a week would make such a difference. Noah was born at 37 weeks, considered full term and had no problems at all. Bradley was born at 36 weeks, considered a premie and has had issue after issue.

First 13 days in the NICU for blood sugar and elevated heart rate. Next 3 days in Children’s for failure to thrive. So now my 9 lb 7 oz premie has weight gaining issues. Then reflux and slow to empty issues. We finally seem to get past all of that to be told “Bradley has some developmental delays.”

A few weeks ago we went for an evaluation with early intervention. I talked to them earlier this week and we were referred to another office. I spoke with that office earlier this week and set up an appointment for further testing. Today I receive a phone call from them and Bradley was accepted into the program but not because of the delays we had previously seen. However being accepted into the program they work as a team to determine all services Bradley needs. I have an appointment with them in a few weeks and that will be determined and goals will be written.

Today I was told Bradley has a 25% delay in communication and a 20% delay in motor skills. The communication delay is what got him in the program but was the last thing I expected. I had always felt like Bradley did well with his communication even though he hasn’t said anything but he is only 7 months and being a premie considered 6 months on his development.

Bradley’s Six Month Check Up

Wow, I can not believe he is already six months old. All and all his six month check up went well.

He weighs 15 lbs and 1 oz. He is in the 25% for his weight, 50% for his height and 45% for his head which is a steady growth up the charts since two months.

We are being sent to early interventions for some developmental delays. Bradley doesn’t have the tone or strength in his legs that he should have. We will see physical therapy for that. He has seen occupational therapy several times for his eating issues and will most likely see them there. Also they have speech therapy there if needed. He can only be seen there till the age of 2 and if he still has developmental delays at the age of 2 we will have to do something else.

Up to this point he has stayed with me due to his eating issues and today the doctor said due to all the issues Bradley has had he does not want him in daycare or mother’s day out. He is already exposed to enough having three school age siblings.

We have our next visit with the heart doctor in a few weeks (a few days before our cruise), but the doctor said today that his heart sounds great so hopefully the issues with his heart are correcting themselves as the heart doctor hoped they would. I am praying this is his last visit to the heart doctor.