Friday Food #12

Friday Food

Sorry about last week.  The stomach bug hit our house and lets be honest I was not thinking about food while tending to a sick kid.  But she is better now and we are back.  Next week will be peaceful.  Most of the kids will be gone so food planning is much easier.  I basically picked stuff that I know Adam and I will like.  Also next week Adam is off work on Monday so we have an extra day, yay!!

Saturday – We are going out to eat with my sister, brother in law, niece and cousin for my sister’s 21st birthday.

Sunday & Monday – We are going to smoke and grill some ribs and chicken and grill some veggies.  I figured since it would just be me and Adam and Bradley that we could cook something that we could basically eat for two days.  Since it is Memorial Day and I am trying to get back to shopping based on what is on sale I went with ribs and whole chicken.  Also I selected a bunch of fresh veggies that are on sale including zuchinni, squash, carrots and onions.  We are also having sweet potatoes and rolls.

Tuesday – I have been wanting a good hamburger this week so I thought hamburgers sounds good.  When I worked in the office I use to eat at a little mom and pop store all the time called Our Place and they have the best hamburgers and I have been craving it.  So we are going to have hamburgers and fries.

Wednesday – We are going to have BLT, pasta salad and chips.  Summer always means a good BLT so I am ready for some good tomatoes.  Last time I made the pasta salad I used a box that came with seasoning but instead of the water and oil I used Italian dressing.  This time I am going to add cucumbers and tomatoes.

Thursday – We decided we will eat leftovers.  Since it will just be us we will easily be able to pull together some leftovers and have plenty to eat.

Today’s Savings

Lately I have been couponing and watching for good deals. I follow this page called Krazy Coupon Lady who puts all the deals together with which coupons you need. This morning I went to Target & CVS. I got two bottles of peroxide, two bottles of vinegar, one bottle of hand soap, cotton balls, two bottles of head & shoulders shampoo, razor with refills, baby body wash, listerine & Draculaura (Alyssa has asked for her and she was on clearance so she will be put up for Christmas) for $30.31. I also have $4 in extra care bucks that I will use with my next trip.