Felt People

I know this is rather late, but with four kids in the middle of summer my life has been rather busy and time to blog had taken a back burner. Partly because it drives me crazy that some of my stuff is ASANTB and some of it is Sheena Creates. So I have debated on changing my blog and I have been thinking about going to self hosting but it so loses me. Anyway, that is all for another day.

Felt People

For my kids can do project on S.Y.T.Y.C., we made felt people. This was something that started in my head as stuffed animals and as I was thinking about my pattern decided people would be better. The kids and I went to Hobby Lobby and picked out felt and buttons for their people. I was hoping we would have had a chance for them to finish theirs before this post, but between traveling, Alyssa’s birthday, work stuff and the holiday we haven’t had a chance. But I am glad I made Bradley’s before I let them make theirs because I made changes to my plans along the way. After they make theirs I’ll do another post with a tutorial.

Felt People

Don’t forget to head on over to S.Y.T.Y.C. this week and vote for your favorite around the world project!!

Thankful Children

Usually in the fall my children decorate a box, we put three can goods a week in it and then we donate it in November right before Thanksgiving. But this year has gone by so fast that I forgot to have them decorate a box in September. But I still want them to think about being thankful in November so this year we started something new. I put together “Alyssa is Thankful for…”, “Noah is Thankful for…”, and “Taylor is Thankful for…”, books. Each day the kids are writing what they are thankful for in them. I started to have it so they all wrote on the same thing but I didn’t want anyone to copy what someone else wrote so I made three and put enough lines and years on it so they will write in the same books each November through 2015. Then we can look back each year at what they said the year before and see how their hand writing changes over the years.

Last night was so cute to see what they were thankful for. I showed them my picture frame that I leave notes to Adam on and I had wrote what I was thankful for him for yesterday on it and that was calling Aenta when they would pay for Bradley’s medicine yesterday. Alyssa said she was thankful for Adam for making Aetna pay money. Noah said he was thankful for his house. Taylor said she is thankful for the food and stuff we give her. Gotta love those kids.


Frames by my babies

Anyone who knows me knows my children are my world. I know in the last six months or so (the end of my pregnancy & since his birth) everything has been so much about Bradley. So today let’s talk about someone else..Alyssa, Noah and Taylor.

A few years ago the kids all made me a picture frame. Chris had Alyssa and Noah paint them for me for Mother’s Day and my sweet Taylor wanted me to have one from her too so I got the kit and she made one me too. I had them on my desk at work but since I am not going to be able to go back in the office I finally decided to get all my personal stuff sent to me.

Seeing as how the sunroom is so much about crafts I felt like it was the perfect place to hang these beautiful frames from my babies. With some updated pictures and I attached a ribbon to hang them they are up for everyone to see.

The pictures of the children were taken last fall by Ashley Price. She does great work. You should check her out on Facebook at Ashley Price Photography. She is out of Tuscaloosa but will travel to Birmingham.


A Sunday Afternoon Crafting

If there one thing my kids love to do that is to make stuff. In the last four months we haven’t got to do much crafting between the issues I had at the end of my pregnancies then delivery then having a newborn at home. This afternoon we had a few hours while Bradley was resting to make some stuff.

We started out by planting some strawberries. The Easter bunny brought them each a cute little kit that had everything needed to plant them.

Next we planted some flower seeds. After the last two summers with my hanging baskets dying so fast because of the roots not having enough I decided this year I’d let the kids plant flower seeds and maybe we’d have something pretty all summer.

Then we made these stepping stones they got for Christmas. They have to dry over night before they can paint them but they were able to put the gems on them today. They were a little harder than I thought they would be, all the kids wanted to do their hand print in the cement and it didn’t work quiet as well as the box showed.

Finally we painted sun-catchers. Noah painted a car. Poor kid is color blind so half the paint colors look the same to him. Taylor painted a butterfly & Alyssa painted a cat.