Undecorated the Tree

Tonight Elfy undecorated the tree and laid all the ornaments in the snowman & santa baskets & on the floor. He even left them a note telling them to redecorate it this afternoon.




Special Seeds & Magic Dust

Saturday night Elfy left the kids a note with some special seeds and magic dust. He told them to plant the seeds and dust in the bowl he left and blow it lots of kisses. They did just that. They had to wait 24 hours to see what would grow.




Elfy Returns

Tonight Elfy will return from the north pole with a note from Santa. Elfy has really been misbehaving at the North Pole and brought that bad behavior to our house by rolling the Christmas tree. Lets see if the kids can show him what good behavior is.




Santa Said Elfy Can’t Come Back

Tomorrow morning may be a sad day at our house but hopefully it will remedy the problem. Elfy has been a HUGE distraction and while he is intended to be fun and we so want him to be fun for the children they must remember one thing..school comes before anything and they must not let Elfy distract them.

The past few mornings they have had issues getting ready because of Elfy. So tonight Elfy is staying at the North Pole, but he left them a note asking them to please do what they are supposed to in the mornings so he can come back. Hopefully this will work. If not maybe Elfy can do something each day while they are at school.


Elfy in the Candy

Last night Elfy made quiet the mess. He got the box with all the candy in it out and dumped it out all over the counter. Then he found him a seat on top of the jars of baby food and ate him a piece of candy.



Brush & Floss for Healthy Teeth

Thats the message Elfy left the kids tonight. Elfy attempted to brush his teeth with the kids’ tooth brushes, use their cups to rinse and floss but he only made a big mess all over the counter and their tooth brushes.




Welcome Back Elfy

Tonight Elfy will make his grand return! Taylor came home early from her Thanksgiving visit due to being sick and she has asked me about him everyday. I know she is ready to see what all he is going to do this year. I have lots of great plans and I can’t wait to see the kids faces each morning. Alyssa and Noah have not asked about him yet, I wonder if they have forgotten? I don’t think so. They have talked about their elves but they just haven’t mentioned Elfy.

At the end of last year, Elfy brought each of them an elf that they could hold and was their own. So with his return Elfy brought Bradley an elf that he can hold.

Also with Elfy’s appearance last year he brought each of the kids a surprise, an ornament. This year he brought each of them two Christmas books.