Girls’ Dresser Finally Done

For months now I have wanted some flower pots for the girls’ room but every time I go to the store I’d forget them. I mean lets face it, if you don’t see it in the store and its not on your list chances are you will forget it. I finally thought about them when I was in the store recently so I grabbed them.

I painted them to match the girls’ room but I had no clue what I wanted to put on them to “dress” them up. Then Adam and I were walking through Hobby Lobby and I saw these flowers that matched perfectly so I decided they would look great on them.

I’m not going to share a picture of their picture frames because the picture wouldn’t show exactly how they look but I fixed the floating glass picture frames for the girls’ dressers too. The girls love them and they look great!!



Bookcase for the Girls’ Room

Awhile back I started redecorating the girls’ room and I must say this is not something that is going to happen over night.  I still have twenty yes you read that right twenty projects to make for their room before I am done.  The most recent project we finished was the bookcase made by my husband.  I told Adam exactly what I wanted and he made it.  I wanted two shelves for each girl to put books in, one shelf for the playstation and one shelf for the DVD player.  I wanted to be able to put the TV on top of the bookcase so it had to be deep enough that it wouldn’t fall over.

I am decorating the girls’ room with hot pink, lime green and bright orange.  So I decided to paint some cardboard to match the walls for the back of each shelf.  I think it looks great!!

Sunglasses Holder

I will be the first to tell you my girls have an excessive amount of EVERYTHING and sunglasses is no different.  When I started the process of redecorating their bedroom one thing I knew I needed was a cute way to store and display their sunglasses.  I really liked the hairbow holder and thought it would be a cute way to also store sunglasses.

I have decided to sell them in my shop Sheena Creates.  I have them available in pink, green and orange.  Certain initials can have two ribbons and certain ones can only have one ribbon.  I actually choose the “A” for the sunglasses because we have more sunglasses than hairbows and the “T” for the hairbows so I could have two ribbons for the sunglasses.

Girls Room Redecorated

I have been working on redecorating the girls’ room.  My list of things I am making for the girls’ room is really long.  {{{{{Shhhhh}}}}} Don’t tell Adam!!  Sometimes my projects turn into his projects, but lately I have tried to be better about it.  When we are done their room will be hot pink, lime green and bright orange.  I know, bright right!!

The first project I have completed for their room is custom made jewelry boxes.  What girl doesn’t want a standing jewelry box like Mommy?  Honestly, Alyssa could use one as large as mine but she has been collecting necklaces, bracelets, rings and earrings since she was two and she has a lot of dress up jewelry.  When we moved the dress up jewelry to their bedroom I divided up the jewelry which helped with Alyssa’s over flowing too much.  I have listed the custom jewelry boxes in my shop Sheena Creates for anyone who is interested in ordering one make sure you check it out.

I was really antsy and wanted to start painting the walls.  So far we have only painted one wall and Adam did it for me.  One of my projects that was turned into his.  The first wall we painted is hot pink and boy is it pink.  Before we move on to painting the next wall I have a few other projects to finish on the pink wall.

Pinterest = Lots of Projects

When I am up at 2 am feeding Bradley I have to do something to keep myself awake. Most of the time I look at stuff on pinterest and pin lots of stuff.

Recently I made the decision to take over half of the kids 300 square foot play room with my craft stuff. Over the last few weeks I have noticed they never play in there so I decided to do away with the play room all together. I am going to have a craft/homework room instead. This meant moving toys to their bedrooms & getting rid of some toys. This makes the second big clean out of toys (that they never play with) since Bradley has been born.

In the process of this decision I got side tracked and decided to redecorate the girls’ room and when I say in the process I literally mean in the same hour. The decision to redecorate the girls’ room resulted in lots of projects over this past weekend.

The girls’ room is going to be hot pink, lime green and bright orange. So far I have made each of them a standing jewelry box which you can find pictures of on my page Sheena Creates. I also made a hair now holder and redid the girls’ lamps. My sweet husband painted one wall hot pink (another will be bright orange, another will be lime green and the last one white) and he made them a bookcase to fit between their dressers to hold books, their DVD player, playstation and TV. I can not wait till we are done with it. I have started a glasses holder but in the mist of moving all my stuff I have not finished it.

My girls (mainly Alyssa) has a lot of treasures. This morning her and I went through all of them and got everything organized. I was surprised it went as smoothly as it did.

I am planning on making both of them a rag quilt with matching throw pillows. I saw this really cute chandelier on pinterest and thanks to Adam we are going to make it. So excited!!! I have these cute floating glass picture frames to replace the picture frames on their dressers. I found these cute flowers to make to hang on their walls.

Back to the sunroom that is now my craft/homework room. One side is homework and on that side I am going to make a reading nook/fort. Adam is going to make me some cute shelves (also found on pinterest) so each kid can have some books in their when it’s their reading time. I have pretty much decided I am going to keep my originally color scheme of red, green, blue and yellow. I have a cute little table and chairs and a toy bin that are those colors and I have the picture frames Adam previously painted for me in those colors. I am going to paint the homework desk those colors and the chest of drawers that I am using to store craft stuff in those colors. The TV in my room that we never watch is going in their too. I’ll have ways to entertain Bradley while I work on stuff as he gets older.

Now I am pinning stuff on pinterest for organizing my craft room. I am sure I will end up finding lots of new ideas to add to that room.

A Room Divided

Does anyone else have this issue? My girls fight all the time and want to be separated. Alyssa wanted to go back to sharing a room with Noah but due to the girl/boy can’t dress in front of each other I decided that wouldn’t work. Alyssa says she needs her own room but that just isn’t possible right now. Bradley still doesn’t even have a room. So in an attempt to solve the issue the girls’ room is now “divided” and they each have their own space. Hopefully it will help them. I got the “But will I be able to not hear her” and I said no you just won’t be able to see each other if you need to “not hear her” you can listen to your iPod.