Refashioned Shoes

Refashioned Shoes

My oldest daughter loves ballet flats.  They are her absolute favorite shoes.  I usually can find them on clearance at Target but now that I don’t work in the office everyday I don’t get to go in Target as often to check out their clearance. The one thing I really hate about them is they mess up so quickly so unless I can find them on clearance I don’t buy them.  Her and I both had a pair of ballet flats that were ready for the trash.  Mine were black and the toe was messed up on one of them.  Hers were pink camo and were so dirty and worn out looking.


I had this other pair of glittered pink ballet flats I had bought for my youngest daughter so with my love to match and coordinate I decided I’d attempt to glitter mine and my oldest daughter’s worn out ballet flat instead of just trashing them.  I have seen so many pins on Pinterest where people have done it so I didn’t see why I couldn’t do it too.

I started out with these awful looking shoes.  I am still working on remembering to take pictures along the way when I do something so please forgive me for the lack in before picture.  I had glittered one of each of our shoes when I realized I didn’t take a before picture so I have two separate pictures of one shoe for a before picture.

First I painted mod podge and glitter all over them.  The glitter on the shoes I bought it a little bigger pieces than the glitter I used when I made these shoes but the color is almost exact.  I prefer the fine glitter so I bought the fine glitter for the shoes that I refashioned.  I used a baby food jar, marked 2/3 of the way up the side and 1/3 of the way up the side then I used 2/3 glitter to 1/3 mod podge.  The first coat about completely covered them but I had to do a little touch up on them.  It pretty much used all of the mixture for the two pairs of shoes.

The insides still look worn and the shape of them didn’t go back to normal but once they are on they look great. My daughter isn’t here to model them this week so this will have to do for pictures.


The shoes I bought for my youngest daughter also have gems on them that are clear, gray and pink.  I didn’t think to take one of the shoes with me when I went to Hobby Lobby to purchase gems.  So I decided a flower would look good on the toe of the shoes I was refashioning.  I bought 25 mm pink gems and 16 mm clear gems.  I used a pink gem for the center and the clear gems for the petals.  First I laid them out on the desk and then I attached them to the shoes with hot glue.  It probably wasn’t my best decision but I didn’t think about buying and E6000 glue before I started this project.  If I have to reattach any gems then I will use some E6000 glue.

Close Up of Toes

Close Up of Toes

The one thing about them is the glitter around the tops is a little rough so they must be worn with socks but other than that I was very pleased with the outcome of the shoes.