Halloween Countdown

I believe countdowns are my new favorite thing for every holiday. The kids are still talking about the one from Valentine’s and the love notes they got each day.

The one I made for Halloween was much simpler. I found the idea on Pinterest (surprise, surprise). I (well, we Adam helped me) used some scrap wood from my desk and the girls’ bookcase the make the pieces. I painted them black. Then I mod podged some festive scrapbook paper on it. I used my Cricut to cut out the numbers and letters then I mod podged them on. Quick, simple and cute!!



Our Little Spooks

I believe this is the hardest project I have EVER done. I saw this on Pinterest forever ago and I just knew I had to make it.

Each footprint was done twice. I did it, it looked bad, I wiped it off and I redid it. So glad the white paint wiped off so well and I didn’t have to repaint it black. Surprisingly Bradley’s footprint looks the best. But we decided that is because his foot is fatter and he doesn’t have the arch like the big kids do.

I must say while it wasn’t that “easy” to make I absolutely LOVE it!!