Monday Memories #14

Monday Memories

Last week was a rather rough week for Bradley.  He has been having tummy problems really bad lately and last week was really rough.  Hopefully with the things we have changed it will help and he will feel better this week.  But since he didn’t feel well we basically stayed at home.  One day he was only awake 6 hours in a 24 hour period and then slept 13 hours the night after sleeping all day.  We did some rearranging, had a speech evaluation (which he will be starting speech now) and just hung out at home.

I did snap this one picture of him sitting at his table having a snack.  He did so well getting up from the chair.  I was so proud of him.  He is suppose to be working on going from sitting to standing and he did it really well from the chair.  Ms. Jill will be so proud of him.

Snack Time at his Table

Friday night Adam and I went out to dinner. After a rough week Bradley seemed to enjoy our date night (other than riding in Daddy’s car). I got this picture of him eating dinner. Love that smile!

Date Night


Kid Friendly Decorating

A few days ago I posted a picture of Bradley on Instagram and several people commented on the bookshelves in the background, so I decided I’d do a recap of some of the projects for our sunroom. When we first moved into our house the sunroom was our children’s playroom.  Over time that has changed and now we simply have a play area in Mommy’s craft room.  But the color scheme is still the same.  You see having boys and girls I wanted it to be something that was neutral but still fun and playful.

Kid Friendly Decorating

I had seen this table and chairs at Hobby Lobby and it was what inspired the decoration of this room.  Hobby Lobby also has a bookshelf and coat rack to match but they aren’t needed in my area. Later I was looking for something to organize the kids’ toys in and I found this cute set up at Wal-Mart.  I am not as fond of the basket now as I was when I first got them.  They haven’t held up as well as I would like so I am planning to get some different baskets in the future.  Hopefully I can find some plastic ones in the same color scheme that will fit.

I realized when preparing to write this recap that I never did a post on the first project my husband and I did for the sunroom, the picture frames.  I will tell you more about them at the end of this post.

Artwork Display

The next project I did for this room was the Artwork display.  It has been a year since I made the artwork display and while I still love it I have learned a few things about it.  1.  My oldest daughter has made lots of stuff to hang on it and I had to reattach her clothes pin.  The hot gun didn’t hold up well over time.  2.  The sun has faded the cardstock from the lettering, but it still looks nice.

Pallet Bookshelves

The last project I want to feature in this post is the Pallet bookshelves. It has also been a year since I made them and I still love them.  They don’t hold a bunch of books but its prefect for each child to have two books in the sunroom and the rest of their books in their rooms.

As far as the picture frames go, I looked and looked for something that I liked to match the color scheme and I couldn’t find anything. So I decided I wanted to paint some picture frames so that each side was a different color (red, blue, green and yellow). Adam did this for me. He taped off two sides and painted the other two sides, then when they were done he taped off the sides he painted and painted the other two sides. When I bought the paint I wasn’t thinking and I bought flat. So when I made the artwork display and the bookshelves, I put a coat of mod podge on the picture frames to give them more of a finished look. They have gotten messed up some over the years but for the most part they still look good. The pictures of my children that are in the frames were done by Mandi Hutchenson Photography. If you are in the Birmingham area and looking for someone to take pictures of your family make sure to get in contact with Mandi, she does a wonderful job.

Alyssa's Frame

Noah's Frame

Taylor's Frame

Monday Memories #13

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During the summer these post will probably be a little smaller and some weeks I may not even post them. These post are general a recap of my pictures from Instagram for the week. Most of my pictures this summer will be posted over at So make sure you check it out over there to see what we are up to.  Although right now I am having some technical difficulties.  My computer doesn’t want to acknowledge when I put my memory card in my computer.  Have I ever said I hate my computer??  Ok, I want get off on that rant today.

The three big kids have left for eight days. I use to get really sad when Alyssa and Noah would go to their Dad’s for a week but over the years I have learned that it is a much needed break for me and it gives them a chance to really spend some time with their Dad. This summer I told Adam we needed to let Taylor go somewhere for a week too so I could have a good break after the week we had last week. I wasn’t sure I’d make it through the summer. If you are following my summer blog then you probably saw the issues we had one day that were just too much for one day. But we aren’t going to relive that here.

My little sister is turning 21 this week. Happy Birthday Nevesha, I love you!! So Saturday we had cupcakes for her birthday with the kids. I totally forgot to get any pictures. Then me, her and the babies went swimming. Since I love her so much and she asked me so nicely there aren’t any pictures of that to share. Saturday night we went out to dinner at Sushi Village. The babies did really well and it was so nice to get out and have some adult time even if the babies were with us.  If you like sushi I highly recommend Sushi Village in Gardendale.  It is really good and cheaper than Stix.

When we were getting ready to leave Bradley was getting his diaper changed in the front seat of the car and got to play in the front seat for a few minutes. I got this cute picture of him driving Mommy’s car. He thought he was big stuff.

Driving Mommy's Car

Hope everyone has a Happy Memorial Day!! Adam and I will be painting.

Monday Memories #12

Monday Memories

Sorry I missed on posting my Friday Food post on Friday.  Taylor came home on Thursday with the stomach bug and it threw a kink in all my plans.  Oh well, she is feeling better now and I have several days worth of stuff planned for ya’ll.  For those of you who don’t know I am auditioning for So You Think You’re Crafty.  The auditions will go up today so make sure you click on over there and vote for your favorite one.  Can you guess which one is mine??  Check back next week and I’ll give you all the details on my project for the audition.  I am super excited about it and really nervous at the same time.

Last week was so pretty.  Bradley and I spent time outside two days in a row.  He loved it for the most part.  He doesn’t like the grass touching his legs or feet.  Hopefully by the end of summer he will be over that.



Friday we had to go to Winn-Dixie and they had the buggie that has the seat for small children with the steering wheel so we used and Bradley had a blast.  He loved it!  Hopefully its available every time we go.


Monday Memories #11

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Last week Bradley and I spent the week in the office. It was nice being out of the house but man was I tired by the end of the week. Bradley did his fair share of getting into stuff. Actually he got into everything. Hopefully I got everything put back where he goes and Laney doesn’t have a mess to come back to. Bradley enjoyed reading all the law magazines.

Studying to be an Attorney

For about a year we have been talking about a bigger hot water heater. We had a 40 gallon hot water heater and do NOT try to take a hot shower after the girls because there isn’t any hot water. I finally started making Noah take the first shower because he was always getting left without any hot water. Wednesday morning Bradley got up really early. I opened our bedroom door going towards Bradley’s room and heard Rhino crying something awful. I thought no wonder he is awake so early. As soon as I opened Rhino’s door I understood why she was crying the way she was. Our hot water heater busted and our laundry room aka Rhino’s room was filled with steam and hot water. She generally sleeps on top of the hot water heater, so its very possible she was asleep on top of it when it bust. Our talking about getting a bigger hot water heater became a must do today thing and now we have an 80 gallon hot water heater. Not the way I wanted to get it but I am enjoying the hot water.

Hot Water Heater

Rhino hasn’t been sleeping on the hot water heater anymore either. Actually she is still pretty scared to even go in her room. She has made a bed of the box the hot water heater was in.

Rhino Sleeping

As you know from my post Friday Food we had breakfast one day last week. It was the same day our hot water heater bust and that was an all day thing getting taken care of. The man was here at dinner time installing it. So I was trying to get all four kids plates fixed and make sure Adam ate and fix myself a plate. I fixed all four kids a plate and before I realized it Bradley had his plate and was eating his biscuit. He enjoyed it!!

Eating His Biscuit

Of course yesterday was Mother’s Day. Hopefully I’ll get to do a full post on Mother’s Day but in case I don’t. I got some lovely flowers from my parents. Adam got me an orchid. I have been wanting one so now I have to figure out how to keep it alive. I also got a coffee maker and lots and lots of art work.

Mother's Day Flowers 2013

Monday Memories #10

Monday Memories

Last week was a rather a slow week for Bradley and I as far as going.  We spent most of the week playing around the house and to be honest I think Bradley gets cabin fever after too many days at home and by the end of the week he was defiantly having cabin fever but this week he will probably be ready for a few days at home.  We are going into the office everyday this week.

Bradley spent a lot of time playing in his room this week.  He gets tired of the living room.  One day when I was getting something out of his closet he found his play mat and had to have it.  So he spent a good bit of time playing with his play mat.

Playing with his Playmat

Monday Bradley had his six month review for early interventions.  We updated his goals and with those changes it was determined he will no longer need occupational therapy.  For six months now Adria, Bradley’s occupational therapist, has been a big part of our life.  Bradley saw her twice a month.  She has really helped Bradley overcome a lot of the problems he was having when we started therapy.  On Friday Bradley had his last appointment with Adria.  It was a bittersweet day for us.  I am excited that he is doing well enough that he no longer needs occupational therapy, but we will miss Adria.

Bradley & Adria

Monday Memories #9

The last few weeks have been crazy busy. We finally got a new car. We got a Honda Pilot and it was like a two day thing. We liked two and were trying to decide between the two. We did a lot of comparing, reading the fine lines and finally made a decision.


Alyssa had a field trip to DeSoto Caverns. I took lots of pictures with my camera but just like my Easter pictures, I haven’t had time to hook my camera up to the computer. Hopefully I’ll get a chance to post more about it soon. Bradley had lots of fun and seemed to really enjoy it. He was too busy checking everything out to nap.


Taylor had a field trip to the zoo. Same thing with those pictures too. I did snap one of Bradley with my phone when he fell asleep in the stroller. I still can’t believe he did that.


Bradley and I went to Botanical Gardens for litigation lunch the week of Administrative Professional’s Day. It was so nice outside that day.


Bradley and I have been enjoying the outdoors a lot lately. We had a picnic lunch outside one day. We went to the park with the big kids two days in a row. We are so ready for summer.



Monday Memories #8

Last Monday was so pretty!! After I got everything done around the house and some work Bradley and I went outside to enjoy the beautiful weather. He had some play time while I did some painting. We even sat on the front porch and waited on the kids to get off the school bus.



Bradley never cared to play in his jumperoo when he was younger but now that he is older he is always pulling up on it and playing with the toys on it so I decided to put him in it.


Bradley loves to look out the front door and watch for the big kids to get off the school bus.



Monday Memories #7

Sorry I was MIA last week. Spring has defiantly sprung bringing all the pollen out. For me this mean sickness, like ache all over keep you in the bed for days think you have the flu sickness. I am feeling somewhat better but I still can’t breathe. It’s actually gotten bad enough that I have reconsidered the sinus surgery and that is HUGE for me. I am against unnecessary surgery. Ok, so maybe this isn’t a completely unnecessary surgery but I am also against this surgery. The doctor wants to do the less invasive surgery instead of the full surgery and everyone I know who has had this surgery has not gotten any better so what is the point. Besides who will watch Bradley while I have surgery?? Well he has started warming up to my Mom. 🙂

The last two weeks have been rather laid back. I have been trying to eat better and actually eat lunch. I got me some new fruit smoothie drinks and they are pretty good.



Bradley is learning sign language and one of the signs is when you are sleepy you lay your head down. He has been doing it when he is sleepy and when he sees a blanket. He knows a blanket means cuddle up and rest.



Through all my sickness Rhino has wanted lots of cuddles. It’s like she knows I don’t feel good and she should be sweet.


Monday Memories #6

A week ago today bad weather hit our town and our entire town was without power. Having a baby we couldn’t stay at home with it getting so cold at night so we packed up and went to the farm. Bradley had a lot of fun playing with Nana, feeding the animals, riding the gator and playing in the grass.


Nana even let Bradley drive the gator.


Bradley loves to help with laundry. Mostly he pulls the clothes off the couch while I am trying to fold them. Then there are times where he will try to put them on. He is so smart.