Blog Building

This week since I have been sick I have done a lot of sitting on the couch with my iPad and computer. I really need to be doing some work but I sound like I’m talking through my nose and I really don’t want to call anyone. I guess the joy of my job is I can say I’m going to wait to do that today unless I have a pressing deadline. While playing on my iPad and computer I have been reading new blogs, following new blogs, revamping my blog (I tagged and categorized all my post) and deciding what I want to do in the future as far as my blog goes. One of the things I decided is I want to do some weekly stuff.

A lot of the blogs I follow do a weekly links party and while I think that would be fun I am not sure that is something my blog is ready for yet. I have two different things I want to do.

First is Pinterest reviews. We eat a lot of recipes I find on Pinterest. We like most of them but from time to time we find some we don’t like. We eat a lot of them over and over again and they become family favorites. So I am going to do a weekly menu recap and recipe review. I am planning on doing this on Fridays since generally cook Sunday through Thursday.

Next I want to do a photo post. I have seen many people do a wordless Wednesday or something like that and while that is neat I want to remember why I took the picture. I take a lot of pictures and post a good many of them on Instagram. Since I don’t scrapbook as much anymore I want to do a weekly post to remember the pictures and events from that week. Some of the pictures may have there own post if they are craft related or something I would generally blog about.

I hope everyone will join me weekly for Friday Food and Monday Memories!! I am really looking forward to this new advantage.