Knifty Knitting

Earlier this week I taught the children how to use the knifty knitter. It took them a little bit to catch on but they all got it.

Alyssa and Noah are still working on theirs but Taylor is done and I am so proud of her.


Bradley's Hat to Wear Home

Anyone who knows me knows resting is not something I do well. I am always doing something. After my c-section when I was told I had to rest and couldn’t do all of these things I knew I had to find something I could do while sitting on the couch. I decided I’d make Bradley a hat to wear home. Adam took me by Walmart the night I came home from the hospital so I could get a few things I needed including yard. I used Alyssa’s kifty knitting loom (since mine is storaged away) to make the hat. I did add a brim to it and I just used the example that comes in the instruction booklet to make it. With Alabama weather being so back and forth this winter I wasn’t sure till about two days ago if it would be cold enough for him to wear it coming home but it is.