Monday Memories #2

This week was full of going. Bradley and I had to go across twin three days this week. Although I don’t complain because that means I get to enjoy a lunch date with my honey. Another perk of my job!

This week we retired Bradley’s paci and got him a new one. So far he seems to like his new one and not notice it’s not his old one that was falling apart. Although he has given it plenty of flavor with the chocolate pudding and icing him and I have enjoyed.



We also celebrated Valentine’s this week. Lots of love at our house.




I am getting things ready for the school dance this upcoming Friday night. Hence the reason I had to go across town so much, Party City!! I am so excited about it. I know all the kids will enjoy it.

I am also getting things ready for Bradley’s first birthday. I can not believe my little man turns one in just a few days. It has gone by soooo fast.


Monday Memories #1

I decided I wanted to start a weelyk blog post that is kinda like a digital scrapbook but not. I want to not only remember the pictures I took but what was going on when I took them.

The last few weeks I have been under the weather and it seems like each day another child has become under the weather. The sickness finally got Bradley. I really hoped that would mean some cuddle time but he is just not a cuddler. Boy am I glad I spent the first few months holding him all the time now because getting to hold and cuddle him since he can crawl is rare. I did get him to let me cuddle him for about five minutes after his nap the other day and was able to snap this picture.


As everyone know this week is Valentine’s. Last year I made cute Valentine’s for the kids to take to school but between being sick, going to all these appointments, getting ready for Bradley’s birthday and planning family dance night at the school; I decided that I was going to go simple and just buy some that each of the kids would like.

I was prepared in that sense that I bought them several weeks ago. Noah and Taylor both brought home notes about their Valentine’s parties. I asked Alyssa and asked Alyssa and finally she told me they are not having one. 😦 They are only allowed two parties so third grade is having Christmas and End of the Year. Since I had bought her some we decided she could take some of her close friends one. I did explain to her that she probably won’t receive any though.

Noah filling out his Lego cards.

Taylor filling out her Justin Bieber cards.

Alyssa filling out her fortune teller cards.

Now that Bradley is crawling really well he is into everything. He is pulling up on everything. Most days his falls are not very graceful. He does not have the best balance and with another ear infection his balance is even more off. Over the weekend he fell and hit his face on the bookcase in the girls’ room. I am so hoping his eye looks better before birthday picture time.


We also went to my parent’s house over the weekend to celebrate my Dad’s 72nd birthday and I completely forgot to take any pictures. Bradley didn’t get much of a nap and was less than happy most of the time we were there. The big kids all had a blast. They played at the “farm” aka the barn. To them the house isn’t the farm only the barn is. I guess that’s because the cows and pony are all over there.

Blog Building

This week since I have been sick I have done a lot of sitting on the couch with my iPad and computer. I really need to be doing some work but I sound like I’m talking through my nose and I really don’t want to call anyone. I guess the joy of my job is I can say I’m going to wait to do that today unless I have a pressing deadline. While playing on my iPad and computer I have been reading new blogs, following new blogs, revamping my blog (I tagged and categorized all my post) and deciding what I want to do in the future as far as my blog goes. One of the things I decided is I want to do some weekly stuff.

A lot of the blogs I follow do a weekly links party and while I think that would be fun I am not sure that is something my blog is ready for yet. I have two different things I want to do.

First is Pinterest reviews. We eat a lot of recipes I find on Pinterest. We like most of them but from time to time we find some we don’t like. We eat a lot of them over and over again and they become family favorites. So I am going to do a weekly menu recap and recipe review. I am planning on doing this on Fridays since generally cook Sunday through Thursday.

Next I want to do a photo post. I have seen many people do a wordless Wednesday or something like that and while that is neat I want to remember why I took the picture. I take a lot of pictures and post a good many of them on Instagram. Since I don’t scrapbook as much anymore I want to do a weekly post to remember the pictures and events from that week. Some of the pictures may have there own post if they are craft related or something I would generally blog about.

I hope everyone will join me weekly for Friday Food and Monday Memories!! I am really looking forward to this new advantage.