Ombre Painted Bottle Lamp

In case you missed it the results for the paint projects are up on SYTYC. I came in sixth place with my ombre painted bottle lamp.

Ombre Painted Bottle Lamp

I made this project to go in Noah’s room. He decided he wanted his room decorated an undersea theme so everything in his room is a bluish green color. Since it is made to look like the sea all the colors are not the exact same. I mixed the paint for the bottle with some neon colored food dye and mod podge. I used the neon green and blue and just added it and mixed it till I had a color I liked. I mixed it in a baby food jar so I could easily save the left over and who knows I may use it for something else in Noah’s room.

Ombre Painted Bottle Lamp

I started out with a clear bottle and then I painted two coats of the paint on the entire bottle. Once that was dry I painted two coats of the paint from the neck of the bottle down. Once that was dry I painted two coats of the paint on the bottom half of the bottle. Well, I let it dry between each of the two coats also.

Supplies for Ombre Painted Bottle Lamp

Once it was dry I used some parts I got at Lowe’s to make a lamp from a bottle. Then I added a lamp shade. This was a trick. I bought three different lamp shades before I found one I was happy with. The first one didn’t fit so I took it back and got a different one. With the second one I decided to paint it before I really made sure I liked the shape of the shade on the lamp. Not sure what I was thinking. But between deciding that paint it was not the way to go and deciding it didn’t fit the lamp well I had to go back to Hobby Lobby to get a third lamp shade. At this point I had debated on using a different bottle altogether so I didn’t take the lamp with me to Hobby Lobby. I picked out a lamp shade and I decided instead of painting it I was going to cover it in fabric and use ribbon for the trim. I found some fabric that looked like water and was bluish green. Again it didn’t have to match exactly but it looks really well with his room. I got two different ribbons and surprisingly both of them matched the paint I bought exactly. You can see the paint in the Chevron painted frame project I made for Noah’s room.

Ombre Painted Bottle Lamp

Now Noah has a cute new lamp for his room. I have fabric to cover one of his throw pillows and the cushion for his bookcase seat. I have a few more projects for his room and it will be complete.

Thank you to everyone who voted for me last week on SYTYC and don’t forget to head on over there again this week to vote for your favorite project and I can’t wait to tell you next week which one was mine.

Chevron Painted Frame

Chevron Painted Frame

A while back I made an under sea corkboard for Joann’s Create with 8 contest.  While I liked the frame, the more it hung in Noah’s room the less and less I loved it.

Under Sea Corkboard

After making this frame I choose colors for his room that were slightly different than the background color of the frame and my OCD kicked in. I had already decided I wanted to make another frame but I am still not completely sure what I am going to as far as the other frame.  So that will be saved for another day.

Last week while all three big kids were gone I worked on several projects and this frame was one of them.  At first I thought I only wanted to repaint the background to match the colors of his room, but taking off the fish was less than an easy task.  I can’t remember what I used to attach them, but it held really well.  So well, that I got to use my new sander for this project first.  After pulling as much of the fish off as I could I used my sander and made the frame nice and smooth again.  Then I painted the entire frame the lighter of the two colors I choose for Noah’s room.  I finally decided I was going to give it my best try and attempt a chevron paint pattern.  After reading many different tutorials online I decided to use a little bit of this idea and a little bit of that idea to tape of my frame.  I am not going to give you a tutorial on how to paint a chevron pattern here since there are so many of them out there already.  Then I painted the dark of the two colors (which is also the same color as Noah’s accent wall).  When I was done I still did not love it.  As time has gone on and I have looked at it more and more it is growing on me.  But I feel like the corkboard center takes away too much of the chevron design.  Don’t be surprised if in the next few weeks I decide to sand it and start over again.

Chevron Painted Frame

Chevron Painted Frame

Chevron Painted Frame

Beach Buckets

Beach Buckets

On my Tuesday To Do post I previous talked about these buckets I bought from Wal-Mart during Easter.  Well, this past weekend was the weekend of UFO.  I got a lot of them off my list including these buckets.  I am not sure why I put off doing this for so long.  I guess because honestly I am not a fan of vinyl.  I love the way it looks but I do not like working with it.

At first I was going to put their name on the buckets like I did the water bottles, but then I decided I would just put their initial on them like I did the bags.  I thought it helped to tie them all together in coordinating.  Also to help the coordinating I decided I would put a heart on the girls’ and a star on the boys’ like I did the water bottles.

Beach Buckets Back

I had previously bought some toys for playing in the sand.  A few weeks ago the kids and I got a pool to get ready for summer and when we bought it we also got each of them some new goggles and some new pool toys.  I had put them up so I filled their buckets up with the sand and pool toys.

Alyssa's Bucket

Noah's Bucket

Taylor's Bucket

Bradley's Bucket

Summer Totes

One of the things I said I wanted to make for each of the kids for summer was a bag to carry their stuff in.  I found these really cute bags at Dollar Tree and I couldn’t resist them especially for a dollar.

Dollar Tree Bags

Originally I wanted to monogram the bags the same way I did Alyssa’s shirt, but I had issues hooping the bags.  For some reason I couldn’t get the bag to hoop.

Taylor and I went to Hobby Lobby to find some fabric for their initials for the bags.  I told her I wanted some fabric that would look good on all four bags.  I wanted it to be the same fabric so all four bags would coordinate.  I also told her it couldn’t be too girlie.  At first she told me everything was too girlie then she found this fabric that was the prefect match.  It has all the different colors and its not girlie.

I used heat bond on the back of the fabric then I used my Cricut to cut out each child’s initial.  Using the heat bond I was able to easily iron the initial onto the bags and it looks great.  All the kids love them. Also they match the kids’ water bottles that I made them. I used the same font with my Cricut for these that I used for the water bottles.

Summer Totes

Alyssa's Tote

Noah's Tote

Taylor's Tote

Bradley's Tote

Tuesday To Do #3

Tuesday To Do photo Button3TuesdayToDoResized_zpsd78676bf.png

I had all these plans the other night of getting some post ready and my Internet was acting up so instead of being prepared for today I wasn’t.  I knew what I wanted to write about but actually sitting down and blogging didn’t work out for me.

As you know I am auditioning for S.Y.T.Y.C.  Voting is up this week so make sure you head on over there and vote for your favorite projects.  I so wish I could tell you which one is mine but I am really excited about the fact that it truly is a competition based on the project and not popularity.  Also I am really excited because my blogging buddy Janiene from A Bunch of Bishops is also auditioning.  I can’t wait to see how her and I do.

I am in the process of redecorating all three of the big kids’ rooms.  As you know from my recent post Good-bye Pink Wall, Alyssa and Noah share a room.  For three years now Noah has wanted his room decorated in under water.  Alyssa changes her mind daily and Taylor isn’t much better.  Right now Noah’s room is a big to do list I am working on so hopefully this will help me remember everything.

Most of the stuff left in Noah’s room are things I am making and painting.  This past weekend Adam painted the pink wall a bluish green color(I’ll check the can later to see the exact color but its from Valspar).  We thought it had enough coats but after looking at it we have decided it needs one more.  So this upcoming weekend after Alyssa and Noah leave for their vacation with their father we are going to put another color of paint on the wall.


  • Painting – The blue wall needs another coat and the white walls need to be painted once I decide on a color.  All three kids will have one accent wall and then white walls so I want to use the same white for all three kids but we have white baseboards and the girls’ furniture is white so I want it to be a little different but look good with the accent walls.
  • Fish Stand – Growing up I had this huge fish aquarium and after Noah decided he wanted a fish room my parents said I could have it but it leaked.  Adam re-caulked it and now I am going to paint the stand.  When I got the paint for Noah’s wall I picked out a lighter coordinating color to match.  I am going to paint the fish stand this color.
  • Frames – You make remember the fish frame I made a while back for Create with 8.  I don’t really love it.  I have decided I am going to take the fish off and re-paint the frame the same color as the fish stand.  Also I am going to paint a “N” on the corkboard.  Then I am going to put the fish back on.  Hopefully I can take them off without messing them up but if not I guess I’ll have to redo them.  I am going to get another frame from Hobby Lobby and paint it the same color but that is all I have decided so far about how I am going to do it.
  • Lego Area – I decided to make the top of Noah’s bookcase into a Lego area which is prefect since his Lego’s are stored in baskets in the lower part of his bookcase.  The lower part is going to have a seat and the higher part will have a Lego table.  I have to pick out the fabric, sew the cushion, purchase Lego board and attach it to the bookcase.
  • Fish – Noah said he wants fish on his blue wall.  We talked about what would be the best way to go about this.  We talked about painting it but seriously that would be hard.  I finally decided vinyl would be the best decision.  I thought about using my Cricut and making them myself but to buy all the different color of vinyl I would end up spending more than if I just found something and bought it.  So now I have to find a shark and some salt water fish for his wall.

I have one other project for his room but I plan on using it for one of my weeks on S.Y.T.Y.C.  Once that week has been posted and closed I will post about it here and let ya’ll know all about it.  One good thing it will be completed too.  I have been working on it and had a lot of failures in the process so I’ll have lots to tell.

Good-Bye Pink Wall

Last summer we decided to decorate our girls’ room in hot pink, lime green and bright orange.  We got one wall painted pink before things changed.  Our daughters do NOT get along.  You see one has to talk 24/7 and the other has to have quiet time.  The one who needs quiet time couldn’t go in her bedroom and have that time because she was sharing a room with the other one who even in a room all alone is talking.  Our oldest son is also like our oldest daughter and he also needs quiet time so they can both go in the same bedroom and have quiet time and everything be ok.  On a spur of the moment decision we did some rearranging and this ended with our oldest son sleeping next to a hot pink wall.  But he is so selfless that he said “that’s ok”.  He knew his sisters needed this rearrange sooner rather than later and that as soon as we could the hot pink wall would be gone.

Good-bye Pink Wall

Several months have gone by since this rearrange.  It has been one thing after another and timing has not worked out well for us on painting the hot pink wall.  This past week I went to Lowe’s and got a bunch of different paint chips, spreaded them out all over his bed and decided on two colors.  I needed a wall color and a contracting color for some of the stuff in his room.  I am so glad I did it this a way too instead of just picking colors on impulse because if I had of well, we would have ended having to repaint the wall again because the original color I picked was not the final color I picked.

Most people who know Noah knows he is color blind or red/green color deficient is actually the proper term for it.  He can see colors but he can’t pick them out and he doesn’t see them the same as most people.  Green is orange, orange is green, blue is purple, purple is blue, lots of different shades are all a tan color and so on.  Noah has done a wonderful job adapting to this and it has not affecting him in school at all.  When he tells me something is a color and I correct him he doesn’t get mad.  He simply says, “Well, you know I’m color blind.”  Noah is really a trooper.  So while he says he likes the color his room will be I am not actually sure that he knows what color it will be.

His room is decorated underseas.  His bedspread is brown will bluish/green, tan, etc circles on it.  He wants sharks and ocean fish on his wall.  So I picked the color on his bedspread that looks the most like underseas for his accent wall color.  Since him and Alyssa are sharing a room we have set up their furniture so that it divides the room and we are in the process of making a divider for the room too but painting the walls is the first task to complete.  Hopefully we will get that done soon but its taking much longer than expected because I am redecorating three kids’ bedrooms at the same time and trying to pick colors is not the easiest.  Each child has an accent wall and I’m trying to pick a neutral color that will work for the other walls for all three kids.

Keep an eye out for more projects going on in Noah’s room over the next few weeks.  I have four other projects that I hope to get done and be close to having his room done.  The girls keep changing their minds on how they want their rooms decorated so Noah’s projects are more on top of the list to complete.  Also I am auditioning for So You Think You’re Crafty next week and I have several projects I am working on for this contest.  Make sure you check it out Monday and vote for your favorite project.  Fingers crossed I make the audition cut.

Family Literacy Night

Recently, we had family literacy night at the kids’ school in honor of Dr. Suess’s birthday.  Each class room decorated their door to go ahead with their favorite Dr. Suess book and then we voted on our favorite door.  I having three kids did not vote.  I didn’t feel it was right to pick one child’s door over another; however, each child voted.  Alyssa and Noah both voted for their own door.  Taylor voted for another classes door.  It was really so sweet.  Before we got to the school she was telling me whose door she was voting for.  I don’t think she realized the class with the most votes got a popcorn party.  Lucky for Noah his class won.

Alyssa's Door

Alyssa’s Door

Noah's Door

Noah’s Door

Taylor's Door

Taylor’s Door

The 4th and 5th grade RLC class made this beautiful back drop.  I will say they are all very talented children.  They recently made a back drop for me for the dance and it was beautiful.

RLC Back Drop

RLC Back Drop

The second graders preformed Suessical the Musical.  They did a wonderful job.  I was trying to upload the video but I keep having issues with my computer.  Its about a 10 minutes  video and the power goes out or I go to bed or something and my computer quits uploading it so a picture will have to do.

Family Literacy Night

Undersea Corkboard

Recently I decided I wanted to start entering some of my crafts in contest.  I saw this contest on Joann Fabric’s Instagram page and I immediately had the perfect idea for it.

Joann Fabric’s is having a create with 8 contest.  They gave a list of 20 different craft items and you had to select 8 of them to make a craft, no more, no less.  The only thing extra you could use was stuff to hold it together such as glue, string, etc.

I choose to use the following items for my project:

  • Ready-Made Frame
  • Acrylic Paint
  • Cork Roll
  • Glitter
  • Chenille Stems
  • Kids Craft Foam Sheets
  • Scrapbook Paper
  • Wiggle Eyes

I am currently working on decorating Noah’s room in an undersea theme.  I used an aqua green color to paint the frame.  I couldn’t decide between two colors so I let my color blind son choose the color.  I am not really sure he knows what the color looks like but since its going in his room he was happy to help.

Painted Frame

Its kind of hard to see the color in the above picture so here is a close up of the color.

Close Up of Paint

Then I found some fish online.  I printed them cardstock in one of the colors of the fish.  Then I cut them out and flipped them over so I had blank cardstock to work with.


My foam sheets were sticky on one side and they had paper attached to the sticky side so I was able to trace the clown fish, puffer fish and blue tang fish on to the back fo the foam sheets.  Then I cut out the foam sheets.

For the blue tang fish I only wanted the tail to be yellow so I cut the end of it off and attached it to the tail on the cardstock.  Then I cut out a small piece to make a fin and I attached a wiggle eye.

For the puffer fish I wanted the top part to be brown and the bottom to be the tan color of the cardstock so I cut out the top part and curved from the bridge of the mouth to the top of the tail and attached it to the cardstock.  Then I used a hole punch and cut out black dots to attach to the brown foam then I attached a wiggle eye.

For the clown fish I complete cut out my black and orange foam sheets then I cut slices of them to attach to the cardstock.  After I had attached my stripes I cut out an eye and a tip for the top fin and attached them on top of the orange foam.

For the star fish and seahorse I covered them in glue then sprinkled glitter all over them.  I didn’t want the glitter to be to girlie since its going in my son’s room but I wanted the starfish and seahorse to sparkle.  Once that dried I attached a wiggle eye to the seahorse.

Decorated Fish

Once everything had dried I attached all my fish to the frame.  I cut my stems to the length I wanted them and then wrapped them around my finger and pulled them back out so they looked like seaweed.  At this point I had no clue how I was going to attach it to my frame.  My original plan was for it to be in the bottom corner of the frame but I wasn’t sure how to attach it and make it look like.  As I held it up to the frame I decided coming out of the bottom corner between the frame and the cork roll would look good.  I wasn’t sure how it would affect the cork roll but I laid it in there how I wanted it, attached the back of the frame and then taped down the ends of the stems so they wouldn’t move and so they want scratch the wall once I hang it up.

Under Sea Corkboard

All and all I was very pleased with this project.  Noah loves it which is another plus too.  Now I need to get some painting done in his room so I can hang it on the wall.

Make sure you go on over to Joann’s Fabric and vote for my frame in their Create with 8 Contest!!


I feel like this is the never ending battle at our house. Well I have finally gotten to the point that I am tired of repeating myself fifty million times every night so we start a new system. It is similar to the system used in Taylor’s class at school. My thought is if we do something similar to school it will help keep them out of trouble at school.

My kids are 7, 7 and 8. Obviously they are old enough to know the rules. I have one in first grade, one in second grade and one in third grade. In first grade you get several chances and after about five your name gets put on the board. In second grade you get two chance and then you have to pull a card. In third grade you don’t get chance you simple follow the rules.

We have a whiteboard that I bought at the first of the school year when I made our command center. It’s divided into three sections so I have an area for each school age child and each child’s section has his/her name on it. So we are going to put strikes on the board. For each strike the punishment gets a little worse.

1 strike is simply a warning.
2 strikes no dessert.
3 strikes sit in the corner for 15 minutes.
4 strikes write sentences, spelling words, factors, whatever would help him/her the most with school.
5 strikes you go to bed.

What system do you use at your house? Does it help?

Noah Turns 7

Wow, I can’t believe it has been seven years since the doctor asked me, “Are you ready to have a baby?”  I won’t tell you my whole story but what Mom doesn’t love telling the birth story of one of her children.  Noah was a long pregnancy withouts of issues and lots of contractions for days.  So when the doctor told me I was far enough long that I wouldn’t make it to the hospital if I went into labor at home and that she was keeping me I was thrilled.

Yesterday was Noah’s 7th birthday and he wanted a Lego themed party.  I found lots of cute ideas online and used several of those ideas.  I have pinned most if not all of them and some on Pinterest under my birthday idea board.  Make sure you check it out.