Undersea Corkboard

Recently I decided I wanted to start entering some of my crafts in contest.  I saw this contest on Joann Fabric’s Instagram page and I immediately had the perfect idea for it.

Joann Fabric’s is having a create with 8 contest.  They gave a list of 20 different craft items and you had to select 8 of them to make a craft, no more, no less.  The only thing extra you could use was stuff to hold it together such as glue, string, etc.

I choose to use the following items for my project:

  • Ready-Made Frame
  • Acrylic Paint
  • Cork Roll
  • Glitter
  • Chenille Stems
  • Kids Craft Foam Sheets
  • Scrapbook Paper
  • Wiggle Eyes

I am currently working on decorating Noah’s room in an undersea theme.  I used an aqua green color to paint the frame.  I couldn’t decide between two colors so I let my color blind son choose the color.  I am not really sure he knows what the color looks like but since its going in his room he was happy to help.

Painted Frame

Its kind of hard to see the color in the above picture so here is a close up of the color.

Close Up of Paint

Then I found some fish online.  I printed them cardstock in one of the colors of the fish.  Then I cut them out and flipped them over so I had blank cardstock to work with.


My foam sheets were sticky on one side and they had paper attached to the sticky side so I was able to trace the clown fish, puffer fish and blue tang fish on to the back fo the foam sheets.  Then I cut out the foam sheets.

For the blue tang fish I only wanted the tail to be yellow so I cut the end of it off and attached it to the tail on the cardstock.  Then I cut out a small piece to make a fin and I attached a wiggle eye.

For the puffer fish I wanted the top part to be brown and the bottom to be the tan color of the cardstock so I cut out the top part and curved from the bridge of the mouth to the top of the tail and attached it to the cardstock.  Then I used a hole punch and cut out black dots to attach to the brown foam then I attached a wiggle eye.

For the clown fish I complete cut out my black and orange foam sheets then I cut slices of them to attach to the cardstock.  After I had attached my stripes I cut out an eye and a tip for the top fin and attached them on top of the orange foam.

For the star fish and seahorse I covered them in glue then sprinkled glitter all over them.  I didn’t want the glitter to be to girlie since its going in my son’s room but I wanted the starfish and seahorse to sparkle.  Once that dried I attached a wiggle eye to the seahorse.

Decorated Fish

Once everything had dried I attached all my fish to the frame.  I cut my stems to the length I wanted them and then wrapped them around my finger and pulled them back out so they looked like seaweed.  At this point I had no clue how I was going to attach it to my frame.  My original plan was for it to be in the bottom corner of the frame but I wasn’t sure how to attach it and make it look like.  As I held it up to the frame I decided coming out of the bottom corner between the frame and the cork roll would look good.  I wasn’t sure how it would affect the cork roll but I laid it in there how I wanted it, attached the back of the frame and then taped down the ends of the stems so they wouldn’t move and so they want scratch the wall once I hang it up.

Under Sea Corkboard

All and all I was very pleased with this project.  Noah loves it which is another plus too.  Now I need to get some painting done in his room so I can hang it on the wall.

Make sure you go on over to Joann’s Fabric and vote for my frame in their Create with 8 Contest!!


Book Shelves

Another one of my many projects in the sunroom is finally complete.

A while back I saw these cute bookcases months ago on pinterest made from pallets. So I had Adam bring home some pallets for me. After they sat on the porch for a while I finally had him cut them. I painted them to match the color scheme in the sunroom. Then I cut out letters with my Cricut in the same font as my artwork project and I mod podges the letters on.

Now the kids have a nice little reading area on the homework side of the sunroom.

Pallet Bookshelves


My children LOVE to make artwork for me but I have never had a good way to display it other than a magnet on the side of the refrigerator and it seems like they always side down.  Recently I have seen so many cute ways to display your children’s artwork on pinterest but most of them required wall space that I just don’t have to hang the artwork.  Earlier this year I made my mother in law a hanger to display grand kids and decided to use the same idea to display the kids’ artwork.

Since I am hanging it in the sunroom and my color scheme for the sunroom is red, blue, green and yellow I used these same colors for the lettering.  First I painted a piece of MDF board black.  Then I used my Cricut to cut out the letters to spell “ARTWORK”.  I used mod podge to attach the letters to the board.  I dyed four clothes pins black, then I cut out paper to match the lettering and glued it to the clothes pins before writing the kids’ names on them with a sharpie.  To give it the same finished look as the rest of the board I put a coat of mod podge over them.  Then I found some matching ribbon from my stash and attached it to the back of the board with hot glue to hang it.



Lately I have been in the mood to make stuff & I have found so many things on pinterest that I want to make. This weekend was my mother in laws birthday so I decided to make her a photo display I found on pinterest. Thanks to Facebook I was easily able to find pictures of my three nieces so I was able to give it to her with pictures instead of without. I used an ultrasound picture of Bradley so I didn’t leave him out. I changed it up a little bit from the one I found on pinterest, I decided to put the kids’ names on the pins that holds their picture instead of flowers. It was really easy to make, the part that took the longest was waiting on the paint to dry.