Friday Food #11

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Next week I get a break on cooking.  Since Sunday is Mother’s Day I don’t have to come up with anything.  Yay!!

Sunday – Mother’s Day!  My husband is cooking a surprise for me and while I don’t completely know what it is I know salmon is involved (my favorite).

Monday – I decided I am going to try out a recipe I saw on High Heels & Grills this week called Easy Sour Cream Chicken Enchiladas.  My husband has been talking about enchiladas all school year.  The kids have them at school and he loved them when we were in school so finding a recipe for them has crossed my mind.  Then when Sarah posted this recipe last week I knew it was prefect.  So perfected that I had to pin it so I’ll be able to easily find it later.

Tuesday – I am really in the mood for light and refreshing, with that in mind I decided I’d make chicken salad and pasta salad for dinner.

Wednesday – I asked my husband what he wanted for dinner and his response was “fried chicken”.  My Mom taught me how to make the best fried chicken legs and they always seem to come out just right.  So its fried chicken, black eyed peas, mash potatoes and corn bread.

Thursday – I was out of ideas and the kids were getting home from school.  I asked them what they wanted and Taylor told me pork chops.  I think she was reading my mind.  I knew I didn’t want anymore chicken meals and I am not a huge hamburger meat person.  We are going to have pork chops, sweet peas and corn.

Friday – It will be just me, Adam and Bradley so I am hoping for another date night.  If not I guess I’ll have to come up with something last minute.

Friday Food #10

Friday Food

In case you missed it I made a button for my blog the other day.  You can find it on my side bar.  I also made the graphics for Friday Food and Monday Memories.

Sunday is the first Sunday of May which is decoration. I haven’t been in several years now and I miss going and seeing everyone so I told my Mom I was going this year. We go by the cemetery and put out flowers then we have lunch at my aunt’s house. Since we will be having such a big lunch I am planning sandwiches and chips for dinner.

Monday is sliders and fries. I made this a while back and we ate it for days. But I made a lot more than I wanted to. The kids have asked me for it several times lately. It’s easy to make and I am going to be in the office all week and Adam will be out of town Monday night so I will be swinging kids, dinner, dishes, all our nightly routine by myself, so I figured it would be good to make. I brown some ground beef and drain it. Then I put it back in the pan with velveeta and a little bit of milk. Once the cheese is melted I serve it on a roll.

Tuesday is Doritos chicken. We have tried this before and it was good. It’s a little spice to the girls but they ate it pretty well. Me, Adam and Noah loved it last time so I knew it was a repeat meal.

Last week we had breakfast for dinner and it was such a huge hit that I decided we’d have it again. But this time we are having biscuits, gravy, eggs and hash browns for dinner on Wednesday.

Thursday is chicken quesadillas and Mexican corn. I wanted something Mexican but not nachos or tacos. Last time I made these I only had enough chicken cooked for the kids to each have one and they could have eaten more so I know this time to cook two lbs of chicken instead of just one.

Friday we are going out to eat. This weekend will be the only weekend I’ll have Alyssa and Noah for a month so I am going to have fun. Last time they were at home on the weekend we went to Chickfila for dinner Friday night and it was fun so I was thinking we’d probably have Chickfila again.

Tie Shirt & Canvas Shoes

Last summer I made some corn hole bags for Adam out of duck cloth. I didn’t use all of the fabric and like everything else I saved the scraps. This pretty orange fabric has been on my mind lately and I have been wondering what I could make with it. I also had some grey and white chevron fabric left over from the bags and I used it to make coasters and a cute frame. I debated on making more coasters. One of them has disappeared thanks to my active 14 month old who loves to play with everything BUT his toys. However, orange just doesn’t match my red and black living room so I knew that wouldn’t work.

I was scrolling through some stuff I have pinned and saw these cute shoes. I thought the duck cloth would be prefect for these shoes. It makes them kinda look like TOMS. I did mine a little different as I left the raw edges out. I am thinking about going back and zigzagging over them so Bradley won’t tear them up too much. Also I used Velcro for the buckle part because with it sewed down I can’t get Bradley’s feet in them.


I thought these shoes were a cute dresser outfit and that making a tie onsie with some of the fabric would be prefect. I already had the plain grey onsie so I just used it.


I thought about making some shorts to go with it but I decided against it in the end.  I am going to let him wear some shorts he already has with it.

Friday Food #6

I know this is way late. Friday was a rather hectic day for me and Bradley. We had many places we had to go including the doctor and the weather was awful the whole time we were gone. So when we got back I was rather lazy. I ended up watching Netflix the rest of the evening.

Anyway, last week it was just me, Adam and Bradley. We had some pepperoni we needed to eat before I had to trash it so we decided we’d make a big dish of something and eat on it all week. Then Monday hit, we had bad weather and lost power. So we packed up and went to my parent’s house for a few days. We took our dish with us but never ate anymore of it past Sunday. 😦 But it was sooooo good and I’ll be making some again soon for the kids.

A while back I found a recipe on Pinterest that included pepperoni, pasta and cheese. All sounds great with kids but it gets even better…it cooks in the crockpot. The next time I was at the store I grabbed some pepperoni, but instead of making what I had found on Pinterest, I used some of them in a HomeStyle Bakes meal. By the time Adam and I decided we were going to use the pepperoni in whatever we cooked it was too late in the day for the crockpot. So we decided we’d do something similar but in the oven.

We browned some ground beef and sausage, boiled some noodles, then we put all of it in a casserole dish, mixed in some cheese, pepperoni and sauce. Then we covered it with more cheese, covered it with foil and put it in the oven till it was warm through and through. Some of the pepperoni that was on the edge burned but it was so good!


Friday Food #5

This week I lacked on cooking. Ok so I didn’t cook at all. We ate out a few nights, ate some leftovers from eating out and Adam cooked a Home Style bake this week. So I thought I’d share my favorite Pinterest meal with ya’ll instead. Hopefully my headaches will be better next week and I’ll be more productive.

Bourbon chicken!! This is my favorite dish I have cooked from Pinterest. I actually remember the first night I cooked it, yummy! Adam & my brother in law were working on our remodel (converting a one car garage into a pantry and bedroom). I don’t cook it as often as I would like because like I said its “my” favorite dish and the girls are not as fond of it. Noah likes it but he’d prefer something else too. Yum, now I want it.

Friday Food #3

Sunday Adam decided about midday that he wanted potato soup for dinner. I told him some yeast rolls sounded really good to go with it. So off to the store he went to get stuff to make potato soup and yeast rolls. We didn’t have a recipe for either one. I found a recipe for the soup on Pinterest and he found one from a Google search so we combined parts of the two recipes and made soup. We didn’t have a recipe for the yeast rolls either and those were all his doing so I have no clue Bout that recipe other than he found it from a Google search.

Monday we had the kids favorite homemade chicken fingers and French fries. The kids call them homemade because they are froze chicken fingers. We buy the chicken tenders, flour and fry them.

Tuesday we had fried pork chops, black eyed peas, cream potatoes and leftover yeast rolls. They were not as good reheated.

Wednesday night I was really in the mood for soup since it was so cold. We had leftover potato soup and I had some veggie soup I had frozen from a few weeks ago so we heated it up and had soup. I really enjoyed the potato soup leftover. It’s was like man I wish I had some more.

Thursday was Bradley’s 1st birthday. I was super busy that day getting stuff ready for his party and getting stuff ready for the trial on Monday and I ended up forgetting to get anything out to thaw so I talked Adam into picking up Chinese food. To my surprise Alyssa liked the egg roll.

Friday Food #2

Monday we had what we call meatballs. When it was just me, Alyssa and Noah I was always looking for some quick, easy, cheap but still good. One day when I was browsing the grocery store I found these meals by a company called Homestyle Bakes. For $3 you get everything you need for the meal. Well only one thing it comes with very little meat so I always add extra. In this case it is meatballs. I will add about 20 froze meatballs to the pan before I put it in the oven. Toss some garlic bread in the oven and we have a pretty good meal. Next time I think I’ll add a salad with it.


Tuesday I made rotel chicken spaghetti. I found the recipe on Pinterest and we all seem to like it. The girls will whine that it is spicy but Noah eats it without any issues. Somedays Taylor will eat it without any issues too. As you can see in my picture it went pretty quickly and we ended up with no leftovers. I also made some garlic bread to go with it.


Wednesday was a cheat day. I ate a late lunch and Adam was running late so I wasn’t really in the mood to cook. I always keep some quick and easy things around that all the kids like. Noah had cheese sticks and fish sticks. Taylor had cheese sticks and fish sticks. Alyssa had cheese sticks. They are all just frozen items.

Thursday I made some sliders. I browned some ground beef, drained it then put it back in the pan with veletta cheese. It started to burn before the cheese was melt so I poured in a small mount of milk. Then I served it on a dinner roll with a side of taco rice. The kids all loved it including Alyssa who will tell you she “hates” hamburger meat. She asked for seconds but then decided she was full I think she remembered I had a special Valentine’s dessert for them. Dessert wasn’t anything big but they all were excited about it. I was across town yesterday so I stopped by Krispy Kreme and picked up some heart shaped donuts.

Blog Building

This week since I have been sick I have done a lot of sitting on the couch with my iPad and computer. I really need to be doing some work but I sound like I’m talking through my nose and I really don’t want to call anyone. I guess the joy of my job is I can say I’m going to wait to do that today unless I have a pressing deadline. While playing on my iPad and computer I have been reading new blogs, following new blogs, revamping my blog (I tagged and categorized all my post) and deciding what I want to do in the future as far as my blog goes. One of the things I decided is I want to do some weekly stuff.

A lot of the blogs I follow do a weekly links party and while I think that would be fun I am not sure that is something my blog is ready for yet. I have two different things I want to do.

First is Pinterest reviews. We eat a lot of recipes I find on Pinterest. We like most of them but from time to time we find some we don’t like. We eat a lot of them over and over again and they become family favorites. So I am going to do a weekly menu recap and recipe review. I am planning on doing this on Fridays since generally cook Sunday through Thursday.

Next I want to do a photo post. I have seen many people do a wordless Wednesday or something like that and while that is neat I want to remember why I took the picture. I take a lot of pictures and post a good many of them on Instagram. Since I don’t scrapbook as much anymore I want to do a weekly post to remember the pictures and events from that week. Some of the pictures may have there own post if they are craft related or something I would generally blog about.

I hope everyone will join me weekly for Friday Food and Monday Memories!! I am really looking forward to this new advantage.


Lately I have been in the mood to make stuff & I have found so many things on pinterest that I want to make. This weekend was my mother in laws birthday so I decided to make her a photo display I found on pinterest. Thanks to Facebook I was easily able to find pictures of my three nieces so I was able to give it to her with pictures instead of without. I used an ultrasound picture of Bradley so I didn’t leave him out. I changed it up a little bit from the one I found on pinterest, I decided to put the kids’ names on the pins that holds their picture instead of flowers. It was really easy to make, the part that took the longest was waiting on the paint to dry.