35 Week Doctor Appointment

Today was my 35 week doctor appointment. Since my last regular appointment I have been to the doctor 3 or 4 times (I’ve lost count) because of contractions or follow up from contractions. I so badly want the doctor to tell me at _____ weeks he would be ok and wouldn’t have to stay in the hospital longer than me, but she won’t say it. I completely understand why but it would give me some mental relief and it would keep me from googling and reading other people’s stories about delivering early, how the steroids helped, etc.

I found out today I am 2 – 2 1/2 cm dilated and about the same on thinned so about 25%. They have me taking medicine 3 times a day to stop the contractions and unless I am resting all day she wants me to increase it to 4 times a day. I asked when I could stop taking the medicine and she said take it for another week, but also to rest, rest, rest.

I asked about if I went into labor and she said at this point he is past all the major concerns so they wouldn’t stop my labor but he may have to stay in NICU for a few days. I feel like from talking to her and her telling me I can quit taking the medicine in a week that after 36 weeks he probably would not have to stay in NICU.

I am worried about the big kids when I am in the hospital. They can’t miss school for several days so if I have him during the week they will have to stay at home to go to school and try to make life as normal as possible for them. So I really want to have him on a Friday. They would miss one day of school and then I’d be back home before they went back to school on Monday. I expressed this to the doctor today and she told me the hospital has a new policy and will not let them schedule to induce unless I have a medical reason before 39 weeks which would be the soonest they’d induce me is March 12th, and I don’t see me holding out that long. She did say if I come in and I’m 4 cm they will keep me or if I am 3 cm & the monitor shows mountains they’d keep me. I have contractions pretty regular most days, but they aren’t painful so I don’t say a lot about them. However, the nurse says they may not be painful but they are progressing me so if I have them 5-10 minutes apart for an hour to call. Basically every night at bedtime I should call but my solution has been go to sleep and if they wake me up, call or call the next morning if they keep up. Who wants to spend the night in the hospital, get no sleep and just get sent home the next morning?? Not me!! Besides I have 3 kids in the bed and I don’t want their lives being shook up when it’s not “time”.

Tonight my feet are swollen and very uncomfortable. Hopefully in the morning they will have gone down some and not bother me.

I go back to the doctor next Monday unless something happens before then and we will see how things look then. I am so over the uncertainty of how much longer.

Contractions = Doctor Visit

I have been trying really hard to not complain about my contractions but this week they have been too regular for comfort even though they haven’t been painful. So I finally broke down and call the doctor today. I debated on not calling because after resting they got better but I just felt like I needed to call. I am glad I did call.

By the time I got there the contractions had stopped. But they told me I am 1 1/2 cm and 25% thinned. She gave me some medicine to stop the contractions and told me it isn’t like the medicine they gave me when I was pregnant with Noah that I refused to take. She said this doesn’t have the side effects the other has. They will have to watch my blood pressure because they use this to lower your blood pressure but basically it’s a muscle relaxer. They gave me a steroid shot and I have to go back tomorrow for another one. She said if we waited a week it would be too late for the steroid shot to help develop his lungs any. I go back in a week and if my cervix have progressed more then it’s bedrest.

I explained to the kids tonight that they are going to have to be on their best behavior and really help me because the doctor said I may have to stay in the bed but if they will help me maybe I won’t have to. I feel bad for Adam because he has been doing more and more around the house over the last few months so I don’t have to but it takes both of us just to completely everything we have to do every evening. Dinner, cleaning up from dinner, homework, bathes and laundry..now I know I am going to have to do even less of it than I have been. Just bending over to pick something up is hard on me. But if I can go 3-4 more weeks he should be developed enough to come home when I leave the hospital so at least it won’t be too much longer.

Week 33 Doctor Appointment

Today was my 33 week doctor appointment. They did not check his measurement on the ultrasound like last time. The tape showed I am measuring 3 weeks ahead. Last time the tape showed 4 weeks ahead and the ultrasound showed 6. They did a non-stress test to check his heart rate and everything looked good. During the 20 minutes I was hooked up to the machine I had several contractions but she didn’t say anything about them. The nurse just told me she saw them on the tape. They also did an ultrasound to check his fluid and he has plenty of fluids. I go back in two weeks then I’ll start going every week.

We talked about if I’ll need a c-section or not and she said if I deliver at 35-36 weeks then I won’t but if I go to 38 weeks then it will be a concern so we’d have to do more measurements the farther along I get. I asked about his lungs if I deliver at 35-36 weeks and she said it is possible he would not go home when I do. So now I’m hoping for around 37 weeks. I think with the way my contractions are that if I rest when they pick up hopefully they won’t send me into labor and then when I am 37 weeks do lots of walking and complain to the doctor about them because she’d keep me. That my plan anyway. The way they have been today I should call but I don’t want to spend half the night or all night in labor and delivery so I’m going to rest and drink water.

He was not exactly interested in the camera today so we didn’t get the best ultrasound pictures but she did give me a few.

Sickness Go Away NOW!!!

I have got to be the sickest person I know. I feel like I am always sick. But normally it’s related to sinus problems. Last year I went to the ENT and he said I need the less invasive sinus surgery. Apparently he doesn’t know me very well and the word surgery and Sheena do not go in the same sentence. So I left and I have not been back. I have no plans of going back either. But on nights like tonight I sure do wish there was something to give me some relief. Being pregnant I can’t take a lot of medicines but surprisingly I can take more than I could when I was pregnant with Alyssa and Noah. But even when I am not pregnant, I do not like to take medicine. I will use the vapor bath and humidifier and tough it out before I’ll take medicine. I did break down today and take some medicine. I realized I need something that is going to dry up my sinus and I can take some of that stuff now but I won’t be able to when Bradley gets here and I am nursing. So far, no relief from the medicine but it usually takes a day or two and its 24 hour medicine so I’ve only had one dose so far.

I had some things I wanted to get done around the house this weekend, but with me being sick and the kids not minding I didn’t get those things done. I need their help with some of it, but it seems like lately they do not listen at all. Everyone keeps saying its cause I’m pregnant but they have got to get over it before Bradley gets here. I did get most of my thank you cards written, till I ran out of cards. Also I got honor roll stuff ready to take the school in the morning and some copies. Now my to do list is:

1. Finish packing for the hospital. I still have to put together the stuff for the craft for the kids to entertain them during the waiting time.

2. Make Bradley’s wreath. I have everything ready. I just have to cut the fabric and glue it all together.

3. Clean out hall closet. This is the only closet I haven’t cleaned out yet and it’s bad. Maybe I’ll take a before and after picture.

Most of the other stuff is just cleaning, picking up and waiting on Noah’s room to be done. Noah told Adam today that he wants to move in there as soon as they are done. Any volunteers to help Adam move Noah’s bed?? He has a very heavy bed. It has drawers under it and a bookcase headboard. Moving it from the room the girls are in to the room he is in now was a job and that was a small move. The next move will be across the house. But I am glad he is excited about the room.

I go to the doctor in the morning so I guess I need to try to get some rest.

Week 30 Appointment

Today was my 30 week check up. It was also the follow up to labor & delivery last week.

I am not going to say what my weight is but so far I have gained 18 lbs. My blood pressure was right where it needs to be today so we agree the blood pressure issue last week was stress & I don’t have anything to be worried about as far as that goes.

They decided to check the fluid around Bradley today to make sure he still has enough fluids. Also they wanted to check his size. He does have plenty of fluids around him which resulted in some really good ultrasound pictures including a few 4D ones. As of today I am 30 weeks & 3 days. According to the measurements I am 36 weeks & 6 days with him weigh 5 lbs & 9 oz. Of course that is just an estimate & it could be less & smaller but it does help explain why I am hurting so bad. The doctor would like me to try to go 6 more weeks. Even though he is measuring big his lungs still need more time to develop. If he continues to grow like he is then I may end up having a c-section because of his size.

I am still having contractions but they are irregular. I’ll have them 20 minutes apart for an hour or so then they will be 10 minutes apart then I’ll go 40 minutes and not have one. She checked my cervix and I am still 1 cm dilated. I go back January 30th unless something happens before then & I have to call them but hopefully it won’t.

Doctors Appointments – Week 28 & Taylor’s Check-Up

Today was the day for doctor appointments. I had my week 28 appointment this morning. It was a simple appointment without an ultrasound or anything like that. Bradley’s heat rate was 156. It was much higher than last time so I mentioned it to the doctor & she said he is probably just more active this morning. I told her I had Coke with my breakfast in case they did an ultrasound he would be awake. So that was it. The kids were excited to hear his heartbeat. It was funny to hear what they said it sounds like. I am measuring 30 weeks which I will be 29 weeks on Sunday so pretty much right on. She told me it sounds like I am doing everything I should to help with the pain. Taking it easy & not over doing it is the main thing.

Then we had Taylor’s 6 year old check up. She has lost about 4 lbs since November. She is in the 25% on height & weight. Since Christmas she has been complaining she doesn’t feel good & she hasn’t been eating well, but she didn’t have any symptoms to make us think she was sick. We just thought she was exhausted from all the running around. Come to find out she has strep. I was glad we found out during Christmas break instead of next week when she goes back to school. Other than strep she is good to go & everything looked good.

Doctors Appointment – Week 27

I know I am so behind on my blogging about Elfy and hopefully I’ll feel like doing it and have the time in the next day or two.

I haven’t felt very well lately. I am enjoying the holidays but I am ready for them to be over so I have more time to rest. When I don’t have a day on the weekend to rest it is really hard on me. Over the next few months if you ask me to do something and I say I can’t please don’t get mad. I have got to start resting more. Last week I was in lot of pain after not getting any down time the weekend before then this weekend I didn’t get any down time and this week it has just killed me. This week and last one Tuesday I felt like the next day should be Friday because I have been so tired. I finally broke down and called my doctor yesterday. When I told them about all the pain and pressure she said I needed to come in for an evaluation. I have been pregnant twice before and I did go through pre-term labor with Noah so I know what that is like but they wanted to check and make sure I wasn’t in pre-term labor. I guess since I did have problems with it last time they are extra careful this time.

I found out today my placenta has corrected itself so I will not have to plan for a c-section!!! Yay!!! I have three kids at home, I don’t want to stay in the hospital an extra day. I have already told her, I need to have him on a Thursday so I can be back at dance class on Monday. Also my cervix are closed, thick and high. Yay!!! So for the first time I actually feel like I’ll carry him closer to March 18th than I had been thinking. Although I am measuring ahead so maybe not. But we need the extra time to prepare.

They did an ultrasound today and I so enjoyed getting to see him but I’m kinda sad because now they won’t do one at my appointment next week and I was really looking forward to the kids getting to see him. But they will get to hear his heartbeat.

The doctor told me my pain is because this is my third pregnancy and its hard on my body which I already knew that. Also because of my build. I am not use to having the extra weight so my body naturally arches my back poking my tummy out to support the weight. He recommended I get a maternity belt, use a heating pad, take Tylenol, stay off my feet & rest as much as possible. My sweet husband went my Buy Buy Baby and got me a maternity belt on his way home and I picked up a heating pad during lunch so hopefully tomorrow will be an easier day for me. I sit upstairs at work and when I climb the steps it is so hard to climb the last few steps. I am trying to go up and down them as little as possible. My boss as told me he will bring stuff up to me, just to let him know. I’ve got to get better about asking him instead of just doing it myself. But that is something I have a hard time doing anyway. I have gotten better about letting Adam do stuff and trying to not worry about it if it doesn’t get done.

Week 26 – Doctor’s Appointment & Update

Monday I went to the doctor for my regular check up. I also had my sugar test at this appointment. I passed it!! My blood pressure was perfect. The doctor and I discussed some of the pain I am having. She told me its because this is my third pregnancy so it is harder on my body and I need to stay off my feet as much as possible. I so wanted to look at her and say that is really hard to do with three kids at home but I didn’t. I asked her when we will find out if my placenta is still low and she said at my next appointment we will do an ultrasound. I am not going every two weeks so my next appointment will be during Christmas break so the kids will get to go and see the baby. They are all so excited!!
I have had awful pregnancy brain since the beginning of my pregnancy but it seems to only be getting worse. I keep mixing things up, saying things wrong and forgetting things. It has gotten so bad that even the kids will realize I said something wrong. I also feel like I have constant chaos in my head. I tried to call the doctor about it today but their phones were down so I’m going to call back in the morning. I looked online tonight (which my doctor will say don’t do that) but I wanted to know what other people say has helped them. Of course its the things I’m already told to do…rest, drink lots of fluids, eat a well balanced diet, etc. All day I have thought it was Friday, realizing it is only Wednesday has been an awful feeling.

Week 22 – Doctor’s Appointment

Today was my monthly check up to see how little Bradley is doing. Over this past weekend I had a really rough time. Saturday I was not feeling well at all. From the time I got up I didn’t feel good and after I ate I only felt worse. I laid down on the couch and rested but it didn’t get better like I thought it would. I got to the point that I couldn’t move, talk or anything. Physically I felt like I had blacked out but mentally I didn’t. It last about an hour and then after that I was just really weak all day. I ended up laying around the rest of the day and not doing anything. Sunday I had some Braxton Hicks, so I had plenty to talk about with the doctor.
I have gained 2 lbs since last month, so far I have gained 8 lbs total. Since I had gained so much weight before this pregnancy I am really letting the number on the scale bother me so hearing 8 lbs so far makes it sound A LOT better. But after I had Noah my doctor told me I needed to gain 20 lbs before I got pregnant again and I did just that.
My iron was low so she put me on iron pills. Honestly I am surprised it hasn’t been low before now. With all of my pregnancies my iron has been low. I had to take iron pills when I was pregnant with Noah and afterwards when I was breastfeeding so here goes to probably over a year of iron pills but if it makes me feel better than I have YAY!!
My blood pressure was good. I had wondered if my blood pressure had been low Saturday when everything happened because through out this pregnancy my blood pressure has been low and it has made me feel just not right.
Since I have had some Braxton Hick’s she went ahead and checked my cervix but everything was good. I have a lot of pain and heaviness but she said that is because (1) this is pregnancy #3 and (2) I am carrying him low. I just have to take it easy and get off my feet when it starts bothering me.
She said Bradley probably had a growth spurt because I am measuring farther along than I should be. I didn’t ask how far along; however, at my appointment last month I was measuring a week farther along than my due date.
She went ahead and did some blood work to make sure everything is ok after Saturday. If it happens again I am suppose to call. I probably should have Saturday but when it was going on I couldn’t and even if Adam had of called I couldn’t have gotten ready to go in. Then once I finally started feeling a little better I was like I don’t want to spend my Saturday at the hospital and they would have made me come in to make sure everything was ok. Next month I have the one hour sugar test done.