Chevron Painted Frame

Chevron Painted Frame

A while back I made an under sea corkboard for Joann’s Create with 8 contest.  While I liked the frame, the more it hung in Noah’s room the less and less I loved it.

Under Sea Corkboard

After making this frame I choose colors for his room that were slightly different than the background color of the frame and my OCD kicked in. I had already decided I wanted to make another frame but I am still not completely sure what I am going to as far as the other frame.  So that will be saved for another day.

Last week while all three big kids were gone I worked on several projects and this frame was one of them.  At first I thought I only wanted to repaint the background to match the colors of his room, but taking off the fish was less than an easy task.  I can’t remember what I used to attach them, but it held really well.  So well, that I got to use my new sander for this project first.  After pulling as much of the fish off as I could I used my sander and made the frame nice and smooth again.  Then I painted the entire frame the lighter of the two colors I choose for Noah’s room.  I finally decided I was going to give it my best try and attempt a chevron paint pattern.  After reading many different tutorials online I decided to use a little bit of this idea and a little bit of that idea to tape of my frame.  I am not going to give you a tutorial on how to paint a chevron pattern here since there are so many of them out there already.  Then I painted the dark of the two colors (which is also the same color as Noah’s accent wall).  When I was done I still did not love it.  As time has gone on and I have looked at it more and more it is growing on me.  But I feel like the corkboard center takes away too much of the chevron design.  Don’t be surprised if in the next few weeks I decide to sand it and start over again.

Chevron Painted Frame

Chevron Painted Frame

Chevron Painted Frame

Tuesday To Do #5

Tuesday To Do photo Button3TuesdayToDoResized_zpsd78676bf.png

After last weeks post Kid Friendly Decorating, I knew this weeks to do would be able the sunroom. Like I previously said our sunroom started out as the kid’s playroom and has slowly transformed into my craft room. Last week the big kids were all gone. It was just me and Bradley all week. You would think I would have enjoyed a nice week of the house being clean but that wasn’t the case. I rearranged, painted and flipped the house upside down. Ok, so Bradley did help in flipping the house upside down. I am not sure what it is but instead of playing with his toys he just throws them all over the room then goes to find something to get into that he isn’t suppose to play with.

The room I rearranged was the sunroom. I wish I had of taken a before and after picture, but I didn’t. I know awful blogging skill, I promise I am getting better.  Once I get more done I’ll do a room reveal and show you everything. I decided I needed a work space, a sewing space, a scrap booking/general craft space and a painting space.

I moved all of Bradley’s stuff to the corner where the bookshelves were already hanging since moving them is impossible with the limited wall space in the sunroom. I moved my desk to the wall where Bradley’s toys use to be and I moved the extra desk to the area where my desk use to be and I moved the chest of drawers under the bookshelves we made for my craft stuff.

I decided the area of my desk closest to the window would be my work area. I also keep my couponing and planning stuff in this area. I am pretty pleased with it other than I need a filing cabinet. I have been saying I need one for over a year so maybe I’ll break down and buy one soon.

The other two sections of my desk are for sewing.  Recently I learned I still need my old sewing machine for shirring and since I have several outfits to finish that include shirring I decided if I had somewhere set up that was for each sewing machine it would be easier when I was in the middle of a project to scoot over to the other machine rather than moving one machine to the side to pull out the other machine.  I also took our extra table and set up it beside my sewing area for an area to cut fabric and iron.  My to do list for my sewing area isn’t too long but I have several things I want to do.

  • I need to make me an “A” to organize more thread on like I did with my “S”
  • I need some type of storage for under my desk to neatly store all my fabric
  • I need some better way to store all of my ribbon, I haven’t got the slightest clue of how I want to do this so I will probably be searching Pinterest for a cute way to store it

For now the extra desk is my scrap booking/general craft space.  See this desk is the perfect set up for what I want for this area having the bookcase on top and the drawers, but I really want something bigger and I know this desk is the perfect size for a spot in Taylor’s room that I want to put a desk and I need a bookcase on that desk.  But I am not quiet ready for the desk in Taylor’s room so this is a temporary set up.  I used my plastic drawers and stacked basically all of them up and used them to store most of the stuff I use when the kids and I craft.  I have a few things in them that aren’t for when the kids and I craft but for the most part its all kid craft stuff.  The bookcase has one shelf that is divided into four sections.  I used one section for books and binders, one section for scissors and punches, one section for dye and stuff I have mixed and the last section for glue.  The next shelf is one open shelf.  I put some bigger books on it, my acrylic paint and a few other miscellaneous items.  Then on the very top I used it to display some of the items the kids have made.  I stored my Cricut on top of the chest of drawers and so far I haven’t gotten all my drawers sorted out.  Two have fabric in them, one has Cricut supplies in it, one has paint in it and the last one has kid crafts in it.  My to do list for this area is much longer.

  • Find a desk that is perfect for this area
  • Paint desk to match the color scheme of the sunroom
  • Paint chest of drawers to match the color scheme of the sunroom
  • Organize all the scrapbook items from my totes
  • Organize chest of drawers and move fabric to sewing area

The final area that I want to set up is a paint area.  You see a while back I ruined the carpet in the sunroom painting and when I did this I decided I really want a big plastic covering for the floor where I am going to paint.  Ideally I want something like in an office that you put at a desk for a chair to roll around on but I want something bigger than what we had in the old office.  I know where I want this area to be but right now it is covered up with plastic tubs and all kinds of stuff that hasn’t quiet found a home yet.  I have a few ideas as to what I need in this area but it will be a lot more of a process.  I guess part of it will depend on what type of desk I find for my scrapbooking/general craft area.

  • Find a large plastic floor covering
  • Organize and store paint so Bradley can’t flip the cans over

Good-Bye Pink Wall

Last summer we decided to decorate our girls’ room in hot pink, lime green and bright orange.  We got one wall painted pink before things changed.  Our daughters do NOT get along.  You see one has to talk 24/7 and the other has to have quiet time.  The one who needs quiet time couldn’t go in her bedroom and have that time because she was sharing a room with the other one who even in a room all alone is talking.  Our oldest son is also like our oldest daughter and he also needs quiet time so they can both go in the same bedroom and have quiet time and everything be ok.  On a spur of the moment decision we did some rearranging and this ended with our oldest son sleeping next to a hot pink wall.  But he is so selfless that he said “that’s ok”.  He knew his sisters needed this rearrange sooner rather than later and that as soon as we could the hot pink wall would be gone.

Good-bye Pink Wall

Several months have gone by since this rearrange.  It has been one thing after another and timing has not worked out well for us on painting the hot pink wall.  This past week I went to Lowe’s and got a bunch of different paint chips, spreaded them out all over his bed and decided on two colors.  I needed a wall color and a contracting color for some of the stuff in his room.  I am so glad I did it this a way too instead of just picking colors on impulse because if I had of well, we would have ended having to repaint the wall again because the original color I picked was not the final color I picked.

Most people who know Noah knows he is color blind or red/green color deficient is actually the proper term for it.  He can see colors but he can’t pick them out and he doesn’t see them the same as most people.  Green is orange, orange is green, blue is purple, purple is blue, lots of different shades are all a tan color and so on.  Noah has done a wonderful job adapting to this and it has not affecting him in school at all.  When he tells me something is a color and I correct him he doesn’t get mad.  He simply says, “Well, you know I’m color blind.”  Noah is really a trooper.  So while he says he likes the color his room will be I am not actually sure that he knows what color it will be.

His room is decorated underseas.  His bedspread is brown will bluish/green, tan, etc circles on it.  He wants sharks and ocean fish on his wall.  So I picked the color on his bedspread that looks the most like underseas for his accent wall color.  Since him and Alyssa are sharing a room we have set up their furniture so that it divides the room and we are in the process of making a divider for the room too but painting the walls is the first task to complete.  Hopefully we will get that done soon but its taking much longer than expected because I am redecorating three kids’ bedrooms at the same time and trying to pick colors is not the easiest.  Each child has an accent wall and I’m trying to pick a neutral color that will work for the other walls for all three kids.

Keep an eye out for more projects going on in Noah’s room over the next few weeks.  I have four other projects that I hope to get done and be close to having his room done.  The girls keep changing their minds on how they want their rooms decorated so Noah’s projects are more on top of the list to complete.  Also I am auditioning for So You Think You’re Crafty next week and I have several projects I am working on for this contest.  Make sure you check it out Monday and vote for your favorite project.  Fingers crossed I make the audition cut.


I am sooooo ready to get Bradley’s nursery ready and now that my black car is sold I am going to be at Adam about construction on the garage. Who wants to help him??? 🙂

A while back I started my registery at Target online. I need to go in the store to add some more stuff but I did add a good bit online. Only bad thing is some things I want are online only. Tonight I went back to look at the bedding to see it is out of stock online and it’s online only. I so did not want to have to start over looking for bedding. I had such a hard time the first time finding something I liked. Thank goodness for Amazon! I found it on there. Cheaper and a much better picture. So tell me what you think??? I want something that is baby looking. I have plenty of time to decorate for a big boy but only a short time for a baby. I get to decorate for big kids now too.

Lambs & Ivy Jake Bedding Set