Tuesday To Do #5

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After last weeks post Kid Friendly Decorating, I knew this weeks to do would be able the sunroom. Like I previously said our sunroom started out as the kid’s playroom and has slowly transformed into my craft room. Last week the big kids were all gone. It was just me and Bradley all week. You would think I would have enjoyed a nice week of the house being clean but that wasn’t the case. I rearranged, painted and flipped the house upside down. Ok, so Bradley did help in flipping the house upside down. I am not sure what it is but instead of playing with his toys he just throws them all over the room then goes to find something to get into that he isn’t suppose to play with.

The room I rearranged was the sunroom. I wish I had of taken a before and after picture, but I didn’t. I know awful blogging skill, I promise I am getting better.  Once I get more done I’ll do a room reveal and show you everything. I decided I needed a work space, a sewing space, a scrap booking/general craft space and a painting space.

I moved all of Bradley’s stuff to the corner where the bookshelves were already hanging since moving them is impossible with the limited wall space in the sunroom. I moved my desk to the wall where Bradley’s toys use to be and I moved the extra desk to the area where my desk use to be and I moved the chest of drawers under the bookshelves we made for my craft stuff.

I decided the area of my desk closest to the window would be my work area. I also keep my couponing and planning stuff in this area. I am pretty pleased with it other than I need a filing cabinet. I have been saying I need one for over a year so maybe I’ll break down and buy one soon.

The other two sections of my desk are for sewing.  Recently I learned I still need my old sewing machine for shirring and since I have several outfits to finish that include shirring I decided if I had somewhere set up that was for each sewing machine it would be easier when I was in the middle of a project to scoot over to the other machine rather than moving one machine to the side to pull out the other machine.  I also took our extra table and set up it beside my sewing area for an area to cut fabric and iron.  My to do list for my sewing area isn’t too long but I have several things I want to do.

  • I need to make me an “A” to organize more thread on like I did with my “S”
  • I need some type of storage for under my desk to neatly store all my fabric
  • I need some better way to store all of my ribbon, I haven’t got the slightest clue of how I want to do this so I will probably be searching Pinterest for a cute way to store it

For now the extra desk is my scrap booking/general craft space.  See this desk is the perfect set up for what I want for this area having the bookcase on top and the drawers, but I really want something bigger and I know this desk is the perfect size for a spot in Taylor’s room that I want to put a desk and I need a bookcase on that desk.  But I am not quiet ready for the desk in Taylor’s room so this is a temporary set up.  I used my plastic drawers and stacked basically all of them up and used them to store most of the stuff I use when the kids and I craft.  I have a few things in them that aren’t for when the kids and I craft but for the most part its all kid craft stuff.  The bookcase has one shelf that is divided into four sections.  I used one section for books and binders, one section for scissors and punches, one section for dye and stuff I have mixed and the last section for glue.  The next shelf is one open shelf.  I put some bigger books on it, my acrylic paint and a few other miscellaneous items.  Then on the very top I used it to display some of the items the kids have made.  I stored my Cricut on top of the chest of drawers and so far I haven’t gotten all my drawers sorted out.  Two have fabric in them, one has Cricut supplies in it, one has paint in it and the last one has kid crafts in it.  My to do list for this area is much longer.

  • Find a desk that is perfect for this area
  • Paint desk to match the color scheme of the sunroom
  • Paint chest of drawers to match the color scheme of the sunroom
  • Organize all the scrapbook items from my totes
  • Organize chest of drawers and move fabric to sewing area

The final area that I want to set up is a paint area.  You see a while back I ruined the carpet in the sunroom painting and when I did this I decided I really want a big plastic covering for the floor where I am going to paint.  Ideally I want something like in an office that you put at a desk for a chair to roll around on but I want something bigger than what we had in the old office.  I know where I want this area to be but right now it is covered up with plastic tubs and all kinds of stuff that hasn’t quiet found a home yet.  I have a few ideas as to what I need in this area but it will be a lot more of a process.  I guess part of it will depend on what type of desk I find for my scrapbooking/general craft area.

  • Find a large plastic floor covering
  • Organize and store paint so Bradley can’t flip the cans over

Kid Friendly Decorating

A few days ago I posted a picture of Bradley on Instagram and several people commented on the bookshelves in the background, so I decided I’d do a recap of some of the projects for our sunroom. When we first moved into our house the sunroom was our children’s playroom.  Over time that has changed and now we simply have a play area in Mommy’s craft room.  But the color scheme is still the same.  You see having boys and girls I wanted it to be something that was neutral but still fun and playful.

Kid Friendly Decorating

I had seen this table and chairs at Hobby Lobby and it was what inspired the decoration of this room.  Hobby Lobby also has a bookshelf and coat rack to match but they aren’t needed in my area. Later I was looking for something to organize the kids’ toys in and I found this cute set up at Wal-Mart.  I am not as fond of the basket now as I was when I first got them.  They haven’t held up as well as I would like so I am planning to get some different baskets in the future.  Hopefully I can find some plastic ones in the same color scheme that will fit.

I realized when preparing to write this recap that I never did a post on the first project my husband and I did for the sunroom, the picture frames.  I will tell you more about them at the end of this post.

Artwork Display

The next project I did for this room was the Artwork display.  It has been a year since I made the artwork display and while I still love it I have learned a few things about it.  1.  My oldest daughter has made lots of stuff to hang on it and I had to reattach her clothes pin.  The hot gun didn’t hold up well over time.  2.  The sun has faded the cardstock from the lettering, but it still looks nice.

Pallet Bookshelves

The last project I want to feature in this post is the Pallet bookshelves. It has also been a year since I made them and I still love them.  They don’t hold a bunch of books but its prefect for each child to have two books in the sunroom and the rest of their books in their rooms.

As far as the picture frames go, I looked and looked for something that I liked to match the color scheme and I couldn’t find anything. So I decided I wanted to paint some picture frames so that each side was a different color (red, blue, green and yellow). Adam did this for me. He taped off two sides and painted the other two sides, then when they were done he taped off the sides he painted and painted the other two sides. When I bought the paint I wasn’t thinking and I bought flat. So when I made the artwork display and the bookshelves, I put a coat of mod podge on the picture frames to give them more of a finished look. They have gotten messed up some over the years but for the most part they still look good. The pictures of my children that are in the frames were done by Mandi Hutchenson Photography. If you are in the Birmingham area and looking for someone to take pictures of your family make sure to get in contact with Mandi, she does a wonderful job.

Alyssa's Frame

Noah's Frame

Taylor's Frame

Book Shelves

Another one of my many projects in the sunroom is finally complete.

A while back I saw these cute bookcases months ago on pinterest made from pallets. So I had Adam bring home some pallets for me. After they sat on the porch for a while I finally had him cut them. I painted them to match the color scheme in the sunroom. Then I cut out letters with my Cricut in the same font as my artwork project and I mod podges the letters on.

Now the kids have a nice little reading area on the homework side of the sunroom.

Pallet Bookshelves

Frames by my babies

Anyone who knows me knows my children are my world. I know in the last six months or so (the end of my pregnancy & since his birth) everything has been so much about Bradley. So today let’s talk about someone else..Alyssa, Noah and Taylor.

A few years ago the kids all made me a picture frame. Chris had Alyssa and Noah paint them for me for Mother’s Day and my sweet Taylor wanted me to have one from her too so I got the kit and she made one me too. I had them on my desk at work but since I am not going to be able to go back in the office I finally decided to get all my personal stuff sent to me.

Seeing as how the sunroom is so much about crafts I felt like it was the perfect place to hang these beautiful frames from my babies. With some updated pictures and I attached a ribbon to hang them they are up for everyone to see.

The pictures of the children were taken last fall by Ashley Price. She does great work. You should check her out on Facebook at Ashley Price Photography. She is out of Tuscaloosa but will travel to Birmingham.



My children LOVE to make artwork for me but I have never had a good way to display it other than a magnet on the side of the refrigerator and it seems like they always side down.  Recently I have seen so many cute ways to display your children’s artwork on pinterest but most of them required wall space that I just don’t have to hang the artwork.  Earlier this year I made my mother in law a hanger to display grand kids and decided to use the same idea to display the kids’ artwork.

Since I am hanging it in the sunroom and my color scheme for the sunroom is red, blue, green and yellow I used these same colors for the lettering.  First I painted a piece of MDF board black.  Then I used my Cricut to cut out the letters to spell “ARTWORK”.  I used mod podge to attach the letters to the board.  I dyed four clothes pins black, then I cut out paper to match the lettering and glued it to the clothes pins before writing the kids’ names on them with a sharpie.  To give it the same finished look as the rest of the board I put a coat of mod podge over them.  Then I found some matching ribbon from my stash and attached it to the back of the board with hot glue to hang it.


Pinterest = Lots of Projects

When I am up at 2 am feeding Bradley I have to do something to keep myself awake. Most of the time I look at stuff on pinterest and pin lots of stuff.

Recently I made the decision to take over half of the kids 300 square foot play room with my craft stuff. Over the last few weeks I have noticed they never play in there so I decided to do away with the play room all together. I am going to have a craft/homework room instead. This meant moving toys to their bedrooms & getting rid of some toys. This makes the second big clean out of toys (that they never play with) since Bradley has been born.

In the process of this decision I got side tracked and decided to redecorate the girls’ room and when I say in the process I literally mean in the same hour. The decision to redecorate the girls’ room resulted in lots of projects over this past weekend.

The girls’ room is going to be hot pink, lime green and bright orange. So far I have made each of them a standing jewelry box which you can find pictures of on my page Sheena Creates. I also made a hair now holder and redid the girls’ lamps. My sweet husband painted one wall hot pink (another will be bright orange, another will be lime green and the last one white) and he made them a bookcase to fit between their dressers to hold books, their DVD player, playstation and TV. I can not wait till we are done with it. I have started a glasses holder but in the mist of moving all my stuff I have not finished it.

My girls (mainly Alyssa) has a lot of treasures. This morning her and I went through all of them and got everything organized. I was surprised it went as smoothly as it did.

I am planning on making both of them a rag quilt with matching throw pillows. I saw this really cute chandelier on pinterest and thanks to Adam we are going to make it. So excited!!! I have these cute floating glass picture frames to replace the picture frames on their dressers. I found these cute flowers to make to hang on their walls.

Back to the sunroom that is now my craft/homework room. One side is homework and on that side I am going to make a reading nook/fort. Adam is going to make me some cute shelves (also found on pinterest) so each kid can have some books in their when it’s their reading time. I have pretty much decided I am going to keep my originally color scheme of red, green, blue and yellow. I have a cute little table and chairs and a toy bin that are those colors and I have the picture frames Adam previously painted for me in those colors. I am going to paint the homework desk those colors and the chest of drawers that I am using to store craft stuff in those colors. The TV in my room that we never watch is going in their too. I’ll have ways to entertain Bradley while I work on stuff as he gets older.

Now I am pinning stuff on pinterest for organizing my craft room. I am sure I will end up finding lots of new ideas to add to that room.

Sunroom Project

Now that I have gotten past the first trimester of my pregnancy I have more energy and I am ready to get back to my many projects around our house. I decided the first room I’d really like to finish is the sunroom. It is the kids’ playroom and I know they would love to finally have everything done in there that we talked about in the spring.
This room is usually a complete mess. They will pick it up but that usually means just throwing everything where ever and then they can’t find anything when they are looking for it. So today we went through the room and got it all cleaned up. I have one plastic tub that I need to go through and I have decided since it is stuff they have done without for so long that it is probably not anything that is missed. I am going to go through it and probably pull out some stuff but for the most part it is all going in the trash or to be donated.
My girls have ALOT of dress up, baby doll and Barbie stuff. Today we went through the baby dolls and they both selected baby dolls that they could live without and we filled up a trash bag with baby dolls to donate and they still have tons. That doesn’t include the baby dolls and stuffed animals they have in their bedroom. I think when I get to the project of the girls’ bedroom I’d like to work towards getting the baby doll stuff out of the sunroom and in their bedroom. Alyssa keeps everything and when I say everything I mean even the trash. I am trying to teach her (and the other two) when something is broken and can’t be fixed it needs to be thrown away. I was proud of all three of them today. They all threw away stuff that was broken. Of course I did use the “if we don’t get rid of some of this stuff then you won’t have any room for anything new for Christmas”.
I have a few small things I’d like to finish like getting my husband to nail down the extension cord to the air condition, hang my colorful picture frames (my husband so kindly painted for me this spring) and hang the speakers to the radio/CD player that is in there. Hopefully I can get him to do all of those things by the end of next weekend. ***Hint Hint***
Now I just need to find a good pattern for a table cloth then I can make the table cloth and curtains and I’ll be almost done with the sunroom. Well, actually then I look around in there and end up finding something else I want to do in there but that will pretty much finish up everything I want to do in there right now.