Tuesday To Do #5

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After last weeks post Kid Friendly Decorating, I knew this weeks to do would be able the sunroom. Like I previously said our sunroom started out as the kid’s playroom and has slowly transformed into my craft room. Last week the big kids were all gone. It was just me and Bradley all week. You would think I would have enjoyed a nice week of the house being clean but that wasn’t the case. I rearranged, painted and flipped the house upside down. Ok, so Bradley did help in flipping the house upside down. I am not sure what it is but instead of playing with his toys he just throws them all over the room then goes to find something to get into that he isn’t suppose to play with.

The room I rearranged was the sunroom. I wish I had of taken a before and after picture, but I didn’t. I know awful blogging skill, I promise I am getting better.  Once I get more done I’ll do a room reveal and show you everything. I decided I needed a work space, a sewing space, a scrap booking/general craft space and a painting space.

I moved all of Bradley’s stuff to the corner where the bookshelves were already hanging since moving them is impossible with the limited wall space in the sunroom. I moved my desk to the wall where Bradley’s toys use to be and I moved the extra desk to the area where my desk use to be and I moved the chest of drawers under the bookshelves we made for my craft stuff.

I decided the area of my desk closest to the window would be my work area. I also keep my couponing and planning stuff in this area. I am pretty pleased with it other than I need a filing cabinet. I have been saying I need one for over a year so maybe I’ll break down and buy one soon.

The other two sections of my desk are for sewing.  Recently I learned I still need my old sewing machine for shirring and since I have several outfits to finish that include shirring I decided if I had somewhere set up that was for each sewing machine it would be easier when I was in the middle of a project to scoot over to the other machine rather than moving one machine to the side to pull out the other machine.  I also took our extra table and set up it beside my sewing area for an area to cut fabric and iron.  My to do list for my sewing area isn’t too long but I have several things I want to do.

  • I need to make me an “A” to organize more thread on like I did with my “S”
  • I need some type of storage for under my desk to neatly store all my fabric
  • I need some better way to store all of my ribbon, I haven’t got the slightest clue of how I want to do this so I will probably be searching Pinterest for a cute way to store it

For now the extra desk is my scrap booking/general craft space.  See this desk is the perfect set up for what I want for this area having the bookcase on top and the drawers, but I really want something bigger and I know this desk is the perfect size for a spot in Taylor’s room that I want to put a desk and I need a bookcase on that desk.  But I am not quiet ready for the desk in Taylor’s room so this is a temporary set up.  I used my plastic drawers and stacked basically all of them up and used them to store most of the stuff I use when the kids and I craft.  I have a few things in them that aren’t for when the kids and I craft but for the most part its all kid craft stuff.  The bookcase has one shelf that is divided into four sections.  I used one section for books and binders, one section for scissors and punches, one section for dye and stuff I have mixed and the last section for glue.  The next shelf is one open shelf.  I put some bigger books on it, my acrylic paint and a few other miscellaneous items.  Then on the very top I used it to display some of the items the kids have made.  I stored my Cricut on top of the chest of drawers and so far I haven’t gotten all my drawers sorted out.  Two have fabric in them, one has Cricut supplies in it, one has paint in it and the last one has kid crafts in it.  My to do list for this area is much longer.

  • Find a desk that is perfect for this area
  • Paint desk to match the color scheme of the sunroom
  • Paint chest of drawers to match the color scheme of the sunroom
  • Organize all the scrapbook items from my totes
  • Organize chest of drawers and move fabric to sewing area

The final area that I want to set up is a paint area.  You see a while back I ruined the carpet in the sunroom painting and when I did this I decided I really want a big plastic covering for the floor where I am going to paint.  Ideally I want something like in an office that you put at a desk for a chair to roll around on but I want something bigger than what we had in the old office.  I know where I want this area to be but right now it is covered up with plastic tubs and all kinds of stuff that hasn’t quiet found a home yet.  I have a few ideas as to what I need in this area but it will be a lot more of a process.  I guess part of it will depend on what type of desk I find for my scrapbooking/general craft area.

  • Find a large plastic floor covering
  • Organize and store paint so Bradley can’t flip the cans over

Tuesday To Do #4

Tuesday To Do

This week on Tuesday To Do I thought I’d do an update from a previous post, Tuesday To Do #2.

A few weeks ago I talked about summer projects that I wanted to get done and surprisingly I have finished all but one of them. I did not make the kids hoodie monogrammed towels this summer. I ended up deciding we would just use our towels from the previous summers and I would add that the list of things I want to do next year.

 photo 8eaef562-6f08-416a-a548-93d0553886ad_zpscb37bfe1.jpg

Anyone who knows me knows that I am OCD and I love for everything to match. Lucky for me, my kids don’t mind if they all have coordinating stuff. In case you missed any of the post you can go back and see my water bottles, summer totes and beach buckets.

Tuesday To Do #3

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I had all these plans the other night of getting some post ready and my Internet was acting up so instead of being prepared for today I wasn’t.  I knew what I wanted to write about but actually sitting down and blogging didn’t work out for me.

As you know I am auditioning for S.Y.T.Y.C.  Voting is up this week so make sure you head on over there and vote for your favorite projects.  I so wish I could tell you which one is mine but I am really excited about the fact that it truly is a competition based on the project and not popularity.  Also I am really excited because my blogging buddy Janiene from A Bunch of Bishops is also auditioning.  I can’t wait to see how her and I do.

I am in the process of redecorating all three of the big kids’ rooms.  As you know from my recent post Good-bye Pink Wall, Alyssa and Noah share a room.  For three years now Noah has wanted his room decorated in under water.  Alyssa changes her mind daily and Taylor isn’t much better.  Right now Noah’s room is a big to do list I am working on so hopefully this will help me remember everything.

Most of the stuff left in Noah’s room are things I am making and painting.  This past weekend Adam painted the pink wall a bluish green color(I’ll check the can later to see the exact color but its from Valspar).  We thought it had enough coats but after looking at it we have decided it needs one more.  So this upcoming weekend after Alyssa and Noah leave for their vacation with their father we are going to put another color of paint on the wall.


  • Painting – The blue wall needs another coat and the white walls need to be painted once I decide on a color.  All three kids will have one accent wall and then white walls so I want to use the same white for all three kids but we have white baseboards and the girls’ furniture is white so I want it to be a little different but look good with the accent walls.
  • Fish Stand – Growing up I had this huge fish aquarium and after Noah decided he wanted a fish room my parents said I could have it but it leaked.  Adam re-caulked it and now I am going to paint the stand.  When I got the paint for Noah’s wall I picked out a lighter coordinating color to match.  I am going to paint the fish stand this color.
  • Frames – You make remember the fish frame I made a while back for Create with 8.  I don’t really love it.  I have decided I am going to take the fish off and re-paint the frame the same color as the fish stand.  Also I am going to paint a “N” on the corkboard.  Then I am going to put the fish back on.  Hopefully I can take them off without messing them up but if not I guess I’ll have to redo them.  I am going to get another frame from Hobby Lobby and paint it the same color but that is all I have decided so far about how I am going to do it.
  • Lego Area – I decided to make the top of Noah’s bookcase into a Lego area which is prefect since his Lego’s are stored in baskets in the lower part of his bookcase.  The lower part is going to have a seat and the higher part will have a Lego table.  I have to pick out the fabric, sew the cushion, purchase Lego board and attach it to the bookcase.
  • Fish – Noah said he wants fish on his blue wall.  We talked about what would be the best way to go about this.  We talked about painting it but seriously that would be hard.  I finally decided vinyl would be the best decision.  I thought about using my Cricut and making them myself but to buy all the different color of vinyl I would end up spending more than if I just found something and bought it.  So now I have to find a shark and some salt water fish for his wall.

I have one other project for his room but I plan on using it for one of my weeks on S.Y.T.Y.C.  Once that week has been posted and closed I will post about it here and let ya’ll know all about it.  One good thing it will be completed too.  I have been working on it and had a lot of failures in the process so I’ll have lots to tell.

Paper Mache B

Paper Mache B

One of the things on my to do list for Bradley’s room was a paper mache B to hang on the wall in his room to replace a picture that was previously hanging in his room.  The previous picture was an animal picture that matched his bouncy seat, play mat and jumperoo.  Since he no longer uses these things I plan on getting rid of them and that made the picture not really match anymore.

I started out with a plain paper mache B that I found at JoAnn’s Fabric.

Paper Mache B Unpainted

First I painted it baby blue.  I used the Americana baby blue acrylic paint from Hobby Lobby and a foam brush.

Paper Mache B Light Blue

Then I used a round sponge brush and Americana traditional burnt umber acrylic paint to put polka dots on it.  I couldn’t find anything good for a pattern so I decided to just eyeball it.  I was pleased with how they turned out since I just eye balled it.

Paper Mache B Chocolate Polka Dots

I had a hard time deciding what ribbon I wanted to use to hang it.  I finally decided to use the same ribbon I used on his wreath.  I thought that made it match pretty well since each one is hanging in his room on either side of his window.

Paper Mache B Ribbon

Tuesday To Do #2

Tuesday To Do

Last week on Tuesday To Do I talked about Bradley’s room.  Since then I have done a lot of shopping, planning and preparing, but I was in the office all week last week, our hot water heater busted, it was Mother’s Day and lets face it after that week I was too exhausted to do any crafting.  So I haven’t gotten anything marked off that list yet.

This week I am going to talk about summer.  When Adam and I did our shopping for Easter basket goodies I found several things that I wanted but it wouldn’t all fit in the baskets.  Actually it ended up that I bought different baskets and decided to use the baskets I had originally bought for something else.  Now here we are months later and no, I still haven’t completely those projects either.  Since school is going to be out in less than two weeks I decided it was time to get on it.

Originally I wanted to do a summer themed Easter baskets but I ran out of time for my projects, so I ended up saving that stuff for summer.

I have these projects:

  • Monogram the bag.  These bags are actually why I was doing what I was doing in my Learn to Embroidery post.  I still haven’t found a font that I “love” for the boys yet so I need to get on that.  I found these bags at Dollar Tree earlier in the year and thought they were the prefect size for the kids to carry their stuff in to the pool.  I got pink, purple, blue, and green.
  • Water bottles.  CHECK!!!  I have marked this project off my list.  The kids have already seen the water bottles and they LOVE them!  As you can see the water bottles match the colors of the bags.
  • Monogrammed hoodied towels.  This year I decided I wanted to make each child a hoodied towel with their name on it for the pool.  I previously looked at some towels and I was not impressed with them.  I’ve got to keep looking around to find some that are what I want so I can add the hood and name to them.
  • Monogram the buckets.  I bought these buckets from Wal-Mart during Easter.  They were in with all the Easter baskets.  I thought they would be good for Easter baskets and then afterwards the kids could use them at the beach.

I have this shopping:

  • Swimsuits.  CHECK!!!  I finally found swimsuits that I like.  I had been looking for months and I had debated on attempting to make some for the girls myself.  I am still throwing around the idea of making some for the girls but at least we have one for starting summer.
  • Sand toys.  Partially check!  I have already bought some toys for the kids to use to play with in the sand but I want to get a few more things to go in them.  Now I have to look back and see what I have already bought before I buy anything else because I can’t remember what I bought already.

Tuesday To Do #1

Tuesday To Do

I have spent a lot of time lately trying to grow my blog and one thing I wanted to do in all of that is work on a schedule for post.  I am working towards something for each day Monday through Friday.  So with that in mind this week I am adding Tuesday To Do.  I am the type of person who uses list for everything.  It just makes life easier.  Its no surprise that I have to do for different rooms, unfinished projects, etc., that I use.

This week I am going to talk about the to do list of my projects in Bradley’s room.  The other day while we were playing in his room I was looking around thinking about things I would like to do.  Some are to finish his room from when we originally decorated it.  Some are to make updates for decorations that just don’t really work or the light fixture which is broken.  Some are changes because he is getting older and his needs are changing.

Things I want to Buy:

  • New light fixture – The temperature is so hard to regulate in his room so when it started getting hot I turned on his ceiling fan and started using his lamp instead of the light on the ceiling fan.  Now the cord to the light is messed up.  I am sure we could probably take it apart and fix it but lets be honest I HATE the ceiling fan altogether.  It is old outdated and just not doing justice for his room.  I have no clue what I want at this point though.
  • Blinds – I have slowly been buying blinds for through out our house.  It is expensive to go out and buy blinds for the whole house at one time.  Right now he has a darkening curtain and I would really like blinds to let some light in.
  • Valance – After I get blinds I don’t want the darkening curtain up so I have decided the valance that matches his bedding would be really cute.  It still fits his age too.

Bradley's Window Valance

Things I want to Make:

  • Canvas for above his bed – I have yet to find something that I LOVE to hang above Bradley’s bed so far he has nothing hanging on the wall that his bed is on.  I thought about something for above his changing table and something for above his bed and something for above his bookcase.  But I decided that was too much so instead I want a big canvas to hang on that wall.  But lets be honest here those things are expensive, which is why I don’t have any of them yet.  I have seen so many different post people have done about how to make them yourself that I have decided to give it a try myself.  I know I want the biggest one I can find.  I know I want it to be in sepia.  I know I want to include his pictures from 1 month to 12 months in it.
  • Shade box for above his dresser – I have all his bracelets, his paci, his blood pressure cuff and everything else from when he was in the NICU.  I want to make a shadow box with all his stuff and a picture of him from when he was born.  Then I want to hang a smaller picture on either side of it from the first time I got to hold him and the first time his Daddy got to hold him.
  • Paper Machi “B – On the wall with the window he currently has his wreath and a picture that I bought hanging up.  I am going to leave the wreath but I am really not feeling the picture anymore.  It matched a lot of his stuff (bouncy seat, play mat, jumperoo) but now that he doesn’t use that stuff anymore I think its time for something new.  I want to get a paper machi “B” and paint it to match his room.

Unfinished Projects

In my last post I said I would post my list of unfinished projects. Now that I have emptied a plastic tub that was full of fabric I now know what sewing projects I have to finish.

1. Ruffled Tunic Dresses
2. T-Shirt Dresses
3. Sequin Skirts
4. Sesame Street Quilt
5. Monogrammed Shirt & Skirt Outfit

Not too bad on my sewing list. Only thing is while it looks like five projects its really eight because one through three are two separate outfits.

I also have some projects related to my cricut to finish. It has not been very high on my list. Don’t get me wrong I love my cricut but I HATE when I have an issue with cutting and the truth is I probably need some new mats so it cuts crappy.

1. Etch Glasses
2. Labels for Jars
3. Labels for Cereal Containers

I also have some scrapbooking to finish. The only thing is, it’s going to take a lot of time and room so I am going to have to finish everything else so I can put up my sewing machines and cricut (well I’ll probably use it for scrapbooking) before I pull out all of that stuff. I bought some stuff and ordered the prints but never scrapbooked our wedding pictures. Hopefully that will be something I’ll have the time and space to work on soon.

Cleaning Out

After Christmas I started cleaning out, decluttering and organizing my house. Since Bradley is starting to get around baby proofing is a must. I have now basically cleaned out and decluttered my whole house. I still need to buy some stuff to help me organize some stuff and I have a list of things to make to help with organizing stuff but its getting there.

With this mind set over the weekend I decided I wanted to start using up some of my scrap fabric. I’ll buy a yard of something, cut out what I need and stuff the rest of it in a drawer to save to make something else with because its too much to just throw away. I ended up making two baby doll blankets and pillows, a pillow to match Bradley’s blanket and I made an Alabama football blanket. That cleaned out ALOT. Fleece is thick fabric and takes up a lot more room than other fabric.

When I changed the sunroom from a playroom to a craft/homework room I had Adam get all my plastic tubs of stuff out from under the house. I have lots of craft stuff. Slowly I have organized a lot of it and got the room set up nicely. But I have tons of yard and fabric. I decided I’d start going through some of my tubs and cleaning them out. I have a good bit of fleece in one of them. The first one I opened had some fleece from a quilt that I started when Alyssa was a baby. Yes I said a baby and now she is 8. It’s really too young for her now being Sesame Street but I have decided I am going to finish it and this has put me on a mission to finish unfinished projects.

I know as crafters we all have lots of unfinished projects but until I got in the tubs I forgot about some of them. I want to challenge everyone to make a list of your unfinished projects and work on finishing them. I know for me it’s going to mean looking in some plastic tubs before I know what all I have to finish but I am going to work on that list and I’ll share it. I’d love to see other people’s unfinished projects too.

Below is a picture of my unfinished project I am currently working on finishing. It’s the quilt I started years ago when Alyssa was a baby. I also have fleece to make one for a boy too but I never cut that fleece so I am thinking I may make something different with it.


Pinterest = Lots of Projects

When I am up at 2 am feeding Bradley I have to do something to keep myself awake. Most of the time I look at stuff on pinterest and pin lots of stuff.

Recently I made the decision to take over half of the kids 300 square foot play room with my craft stuff. Over the last few weeks I have noticed they never play in there so I decided to do away with the play room all together. I am going to have a craft/homework room instead. This meant moving toys to their bedrooms & getting rid of some toys. This makes the second big clean out of toys (that they never play with) since Bradley has been born.

In the process of this decision I got side tracked and decided to redecorate the girls’ room and when I say in the process I literally mean in the same hour. The decision to redecorate the girls’ room resulted in lots of projects over this past weekend.

The girls’ room is going to be hot pink, lime green and bright orange. So far I have made each of them a standing jewelry box which you can find pictures of on my page Sheena Creates. I also made a hair now holder and redid the girls’ lamps. My sweet husband painted one wall hot pink (another will be bright orange, another will be lime green and the last one white) and he made them a bookcase to fit between their dressers to hold books, their DVD player, playstation and TV. I can not wait till we are done with it. I have started a glasses holder but in the mist of moving all my stuff I have not finished it.

My girls (mainly Alyssa) has a lot of treasures. This morning her and I went through all of them and got everything organized. I was surprised it went as smoothly as it did.

I am planning on making both of them a rag quilt with matching throw pillows. I saw this really cute chandelier on pinterest and thanks to Adam we are going to make it. So excited!!! I have these cute floating glass picture frames to replace the picture frames on their dressers. I found these cute flowers to make to hang on their walls.

Back to the sunroom that is now my craft/homework room. One side is homework and on that side I am going to make a reading nook/fort. Adam is going to make me some cute shelves (also found on pinterest) so each kid can have some books in their when it’s their reading time. I have pretty much decided I am going to keep my originally color scheme of red, green, blue and yellow. I have a cute little table and chairs and a toy bin that are those colors and I have the picture frames Adam previously painted for me in those colors. I am going to paint the homework desk those colors and the chest of drawers that I am using to store craft stuff in those colors. The TV in my room that we never watch is going in their too. I’ll have ways to entertain Bradley while I work on stuff as he gets older.

Now I am pinning stuff on pinterest for organizing my craft room. I am sure I will end up finding lots of new ideas to add to that room.

Sickness Go Away NOW!!!

I have got to be the sickest person I know. I feel like I am always sick. But normally it’s related to sinus problems. Last year I went to the ENT and he said I need the less invasive sinus surgery. Apparently he doesn’t know me very well and the word surgery and Sheena do not go in the same sentence. So I left and I have not been back. I have no plans of going back either. But on nights like tonight I sure do wish there was something to give me some relief. Being pregnant I can’t take a lot of medicines but surprisingly I can take more than I could when I was pregnant with Alyssa and Noah. But even when I am not pregnant, I do not like to take medicine. I will use the vapor bath and humidifier and tough it out before I’ll take medicine. I did break down today and take some medicine. I realized I need something that is going to dry up my sinus and I can take some of that stuff now but I won’t be able to when Bradley gets here and I am nursing. So far, no relief from the medicine but it usually takes a day or two and its 24 hour medicine so I’ve only had one dose so far.

I had some things I wanted to get done around the house this weekend, but with me being sick and the kids not minding I didn’t get those things done. I need their help with some of it, but it seems like lately they do not listen at all. Everyone keeps saying its cause I’m pregnant but they have got to get over it before Bradley gets here. I did get most of my thank you cards written, till I ran out of cards. Also I got honor roll stuff ready to take the school in the morning and some copies. Now my to do list is:

1. Finish packing for the hospital. I still have to put together the stuff for the craft for the kids to entertain them during the waiting time.

2. Make Bradley’s wreath. I have everything ready. I just have to cut the fabric and glue it all together.

3. Clean out hall closet. This is the only closet I haven’t cleaned out yet and it’s bad. Maybe I’ll take a before and after picture.

Most of the other stuff is just cleaning, picking up and waiting on Noah’s room to be done. Noah told Adam today that he wants to move in there as soon as they are done. Any volunteers to help Adam move Noah’s bed?? He has a very heavy bed. It has drawers under it and a bookcase headboard. Moving it from the room the girls are in to the room he is in now was a job and that was a small move. The next move will be across the house. But I am glad he is excited about the room.

I go to the doctor in the morning so I guess I need to try to get some rest.