Monogrammed Outfits Green, Pink, Orange & Blue Chevron

The next monogrammed outfits the girls and I wore was the green, pink, orange and blue chevron print.  It has a name but I can’t remember what its called.  I LOVE this fabric and so wish I had of bought more of it than I did.  Hopefully I’ll find some more of it.  Please excuse my lack of photography in this picture.  I had children with rather shaky hands helping me in taking the pictures.

With this fabric I made both girls a skirt and I made all three of us a pocket tee.  Last summer I bought two light blue t-shirts for the girls that I never used.  One is now to small for either girl and one fit Taylor perfectly, so I used it for this outfit.  A while back I bought a lime green t-shirt for Alyssa and I had yet to use it so I decided to use it for this outfit.  When I bought a bunch of t-shirts for myself I bought a green one which worked out perfect for this outfit.

My Outfit


Alyssa's Outfit


Taylor's Outfit


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