Making a Move & Lots of Changes

I have been thinking about it for about six months now and I have finally decided I am going to make the move from to self hosting with It’s rather scary for me and I am a bit nervous about it. You see I have never made any money with my blog (I haven’t tried yet either) and I have this thing about investing money to earn money, it hasn’t ever worked out for me. But I do love to blog so even if I never make any money with blog I am excited about it being more professional. If anyone has any suggestions, words of advice, etc. please send them my way.

With the move I will probably end up with a new look. I have always had a hard time coming up with a look for my blog without paying for it that I like. I haven’t decided yet if I am going to invest in having someone design it for me or if I am going to do it myself. When Alyssa was a baby I use to do a lot of that type of stuff myself but now having four babies I don’t have enough time to do everything. I’ll probably start out with something I did and then down the road pay someone else to design it for me.

Another big thing is I am in the process of reopening my etsy shop. So be on the look out for a link to it. I haven’t decided everything I am going to offer to start with but I have a few things in mind. If you have seen anything I have made that you would like to see in it let me know.

Once I get several things set up how I want them I am going to order some business cards to match. Looking really professional then! 🙂 I am still in the running at S.Y.T.Y.C. and one prize for first place is admission to the SNAP Conference. Adam said if I win we will figure out what to do so I can go. It would be so much fun to get to go to a blogging conference, meet so many bloggers that I adore from afar and maybe even get a chance to grow my blog into something big.

If you have advise for me in this transition send it my way, otherwise be on the look out for my new site address and I hope everyone will follow us there!!!

5 thoughts on “Making a Move & Lots of Changes

  1. Are you going to pay for a guided transfer or do it yourself? If you do it yourself, you can request for them to transfer your subscribers over for you.
    I really love the freedom I have with my self-hosted blog, but I’ve found that I’m having to largely re-build my traffic since most of it came from Pinterest. 😦 So definitely be prepared for a drop in traffic. (I still think it’s worth it since is soooo limiting!) I especially like that I now have the option to write sponsored posts, and join sites like Blueprint Social to open up new opportunities.

    • I have been planning on doing it myself. I have been reading lots of post about it and I joined a online class that have me some helpful tips about it. I started out on blogger and transferred to because of some changes they made that I didn’t like and I did that myself. I have learned a lot of my pictures didn’t transfer over when I did that but I have started hosting my pictures through photo bucket and I have redone a good many older post with new pictures hosted through photo bucket but their website is always locks up on me so I am not the biggest fan of it.

  2. Hi Sheena, I have just made this move a few weeks ago and I’ve had quite a few problems. Lost all my subscribers, stats and some posts didn’t transfer. I also didn’t realise the pinterest issue until this morning when one of my ‘old’ pins was marked as ‘spam’ 😦
    Having said that, Just knowing the blog is more mine has been worth it! The plug-in options are great! You may be my .org buddy as I don’t know anyone else who has made the move and it seems weekly I have an issue! YouTube videos have been great for how to’s. Let us know how it goes! x

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