Friday Food #10

Friday Food

In case you missed it I made a button for my blog the other day.  You can find it on my side bar.  I also made the graphics for Friday Food and Monday Memories.

Sunday is the first Sunday of May which is decoration. I haven’t been in several years now and I miss going and seeing everyone so I told my Mom I was going this year. We go by the cemetery and put out flowers then we have lunch at my aunt’s house. Since we will be having such a big lunch I am planning sandwiches and chips for dinner.

Monday is sliders and fries. I made this a while back and we ate it for days. But I made a lot more than I wanted to. The kids have asked me for it several times lately. It’s easy to make and I am going to be in the office all week and Adam will be out of town Monday night so I will be swinging kids, dinner, dishes, all our nightly routine by myself, so I figured it would be good to make. I brown some ground beef and drain it. Then I put it back in the pan with velveeta and a little bit of milk. Once the cheese is melted I serve it on a roll.

Tuesday is Doritos chicken. We have tried this before and it was good. It’s a little spice to the girls but they ate it pretty well. Me, Adam and Noah loved it last time so I knew it was a repeat meal.

Last week we had breakfast for dinner and it was such a huge hit that I decided we’d have it again. But this time we are having biscuits, gravy, eggs and hash browns for dinner on Wednesday.

Thursday is chicken quesadillas and Mexican corn. I wanted something Mexican but not nachos or tacos. Last time I made these I only had enough chicken cooked for the kids to each have one and they could have eaten more so I know this time to cook two lbs of chicken instead of just one.

Friday we are going out to eat. This weekend will be the only weekend I’ll have Alyssa and Noah for a month so I am going to have fun. Last time they were at home on the weekend we went to Chickfila for dinner Friday night and it was fun so I was thinking we’d probably have Chickfila again.

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